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  1. Jackie London

    Detox anyone?

    I've decided to go on a 3 days detox from Tuesday to Thursday. I really need one and I thought it would be a good way to prepare to see the Moz live again. Anyone who wants to join me? We could do it together and offer eachother some support. Anyone? I've found a really good, strict detox plan.
  2. Jackie London

    50 places to visit before you die

    For anyone who's bored; which of them have you visited? Luxor, Egypt Rome, Italy San Francisco, USA Barcelona, Spain Dubai, United Arab Emirates Singapore, Singapore La Digue, Seychelles Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Bangkok, Thailand Barbados, Barbados Iceland, Iceland...
  3. Jackie London

    Who said it?

    I'll post a quote, the person who figures out who said it gets to post the next quote. Using google is cheating! And it has to be by a person who anyone could know about (e.g. not your aunt). Ok? Here's the first quote: It is silly to call fat people "gravitationally challenged" - a...
  4. Jackie London

    What's your amish name? My amish name: Annie Stoltzfus :lbf: What's yours?
  5. Jackie London

    Lousy christmas presents

    Tell us about some lousy christmas presents you have got over the years! The worst christmas present I've ever got was 4 years ago, I had recently moved to my first appartment and my aunt gave to 2 really, really ugly statues that she had bought at a cheap store like Poundland or something...
  6. Jackie London


    Who else here lives in London? Anyone who would be interested in meeting up for a Morrissey/Smiths walk/tour/chat etc.?
  7. Jackie London


    Anyone who have some good ideas about things to do and see in Edinburgh? I'm spending 3 days there!
  8. Jackie London

    The Jeremy Kyle Show

    Ok so I've managed to get addicted to this horrible whitetrash show called The Jeremy Kyle Show. At first I was ashamed but now I've accepted it. Anyone else who likes to watch it?
  9. Jackie London

    Is it actually there?

    ....the G-spot? Is it a myth or does it actually exist? I've heard so many different theories about it, so what do you all think?
  10. Jackie London

    Panic on the Streets

    I've been looking everywhere but I can't find Phill Gatenby's book Panic on the Streets: The Smiths location guide, anyone who have any idea about where I can buy one?
  11. Jackie London

    Morrissey's London?

    I'm looking for some sort of Morrissey's London guide! I'm going to London and I would love to know about places to visit that are connected to him in different ways! Places he has lived, places where he has played at, places mentioned in his texts etc.!! Cheers!
  12. Jackie London

    Charlotte's movies

    My best friend Charlotte makes movies and put them out on youtube! The movies are about her, her mother, their dog Pepsi and general life in Kareby! Some days ago something really strange happend. A man had cycled for 2 days to Kareby to find her and meet her. She invited him for coffee and they...
  13. Jackie London

    Sexpreience/The sex education show

    I saw the show on TV! Really funny! Here's the website!
  14. Jackie London

    Flash mobs

    Anyone else here who has participated in a flash mob? This is one of my favourite flash mobs, I didn't participate myself by a friend of mine did!
  15. Jackie London

    Something I've always wanted to do!

    I love Sex and the City! This is something I've myself always wanted to do. I love Samantha!
  16. Jackie London

    Bevar Christiania!

    :thumb: (Christiania you have my heart) (save Christiania)
  17. Jackie London

    Is it dangerous?

    Anyone who know how dangerous it actually is to use electronic equipment during thunder? :confused:
  18. Jackie London

    Portugal legalizes drugs - crime/usage falls

    Huh? They mean that TREATING the addiction instead of PUNISHING the addiction leads to less addiction? How does that work? <-- Irony!
  19. Jackie London


    I just saw a documentary on polygamy. Anyone else who has seen it? What did you think about it? Here are some clips from it I found on youtube.
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