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  1. mozmic_dancer

    Noel Gallagher Talks About Partying w/ Moz

    Noel Gallagher in this video talks about various subject including Morrissey and Russel Brand.
  2. mozmic_dancer

    "World Peace..." featured / top picks in media (People, BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 2, Radio Helsinki)

    Wee! The Moz-friendly People magazine lists WPINOYB as #8 as the week's Top Pick (there are 12 picks altogether.) From Pope of Mope to Prince of the Peculiar. I guess it's a step up. Kewpie also posts (original post): Mark Radcliff (BBC 6 Music) just mentioned that World Peace Is None Of...
  3. mozmic_dancer

    WPINOYB is People Mag's Top Picks

    Wee! The Moz-friendly People magazine lists WPINOYB as #8 as the week's Top Pick (there are 12 picks altogether.) From Pope of Mope to Prince of the Peculiar. I guess it's a step up.
  4. mozmic_dancer

    Typeface Inspired by the Smiths

    "Morrissey by Autobahn" is a typeface tributed to the song "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" and you can find the artist here on Behance: The lines give the illusion of light shining through when seen from a distance.
  5. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey Memorial

    The good folks at Married to the Sea posted this little funny. Enjoy:
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    Smiths' Book Jackets in the UK features artist Chris Thornley who designed some nice book jacket inspired by the Smiths: Read more at this link:
  7. mozmic_dancer

    Vote for me: Poster Contest

    Hi Gang; I entered this poster contest. I was given some artwork and fonts and I had to design a poster using the artwork. First Prize is a Macbook. To see the image better, go to the link below: Summerfest by King Motors I am...
  8. mozmic_dancer

    Monty Python Appreciation Thread

    Has anyone been watching the Python-a-thon on the Independent Movie Channel? Part four airs tonight: Great stuff. I haven't seen some of these skits in over 20 years. Love seeing them uncensored as well. The background stories are intriguing. They're still pissed at...
  9. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey Tour Posters

    The Main board featured a gig poster from this tour that I thought was worth checking out, and then I was pleasantly surprized to see a host of others, apparently from different artists, from this tour as well. The link below will take you to a series of other posters from this tour as well...
  10. mozmic_dancer

    Moz/Smiths in People's Top 10 80s Artists

    File this under the Better-Late-than-Never category. In the April 13 issue of People magazine, the Smiths, who were never mentioned in People magazine in their time, incredibly have made no. 7 in their Top 10 Artists of the 80s. The magazine points out that most of these artist listed...
  11. mozmic_dancer

    Marie Claire Picks YOR

    The US edition of Marie Claire, a women's magazine for the fashionably and worldly conscience, includes Morrissey's Years of Refusal as Sustenance in their Entertainment and Culture Pyramid Diet for February. I shit you not. :p
  12. mozmic_dancer

    How Do You Make Your Mashed Potatoes?

    After hearing the Fonz discuss Morrissey's "precise eating" habits, I started wondering if my mashed potatoes would be up to snuff? Am I out of the mashed potatoes loop? My recipe; feel free to comment: potatoes (I prefer Yukon Gold, reds are nice, too) salted boiling water The...
  13. mozmic_dancer

    Hot Press Photos of Moz's Dublin Show

    Link to Hot Press site that includes some nice pics of Dublin show. Moz looking quite the dandy with his yellow boutonniere:
  14. mozmic_dancer

    Rob O'Connor/ROTT Feature in Computer Arts Projects UK

    No big whoop, but Computer Arts Projects, a trade publication in the UK did a really nice special on Design for the Music Industry. Among the many features is a nice article about Rob O'Connor of Stylorouge and his thoughts about designing for the music industry. O'Connor's firm did the...
  15. mozmic_dancer

    Beatles Neil Aspinall Dead at 66

    I know we have some Beatle fans here; some sad news about Beatles roadie (they had only two!) and head of Apple Corp:,1,2750549.story
  16. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey Featured in Goth(?) Roundtable

    God, the shit you find when you Google is extraordinary. While doing research, I stumbled upon this strange satirical magazine which included, of all things, a Charlie Rose roundtable scenario featuring Marilyn Manson; Robert Smith of the Cure; Morrissey, and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails...
  17. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey's Eternal Choir

    I found this essay posted in the Radiohead feature on the main page. I thought it had some interesting comments about gender, so I am posting it here. The author is only known as boybefore xmas. His writing style reminds me of our old friend Armond White. Enjoy. _________________________...
  18. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey Ventura Review in August Spin

    In the August 2007 issue of Spin magazine (with Interpol on the cover), there is a small review and photo of Morrissey's June concert at the Ventura Theatre:
  19. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey at MSG Commercial Shown on Comedy Central

    No biggie, but it may amuse some people to know that a 15 second TV commercial for Morrissey at Madison Square Garden was shown on Comedy Central during the last 5 minutes of "South Park". I'm on the East Coast. They basically showed clips from "Who Put the M in Manchester" concert...
  20. mozmic_dancer

    How Devoted are you to Morrissey?

    A friend asked me this question and it made me think. Is there anything Morrissey can say or do that would turn you off completely and never listen to him or his music ever again? What would it take? A drug bust? Child abuse allegations? A country-western album? Getting married? A cancelled...
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