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  1. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey in Manchester Arena 20.08.16 by SER (video footage, clips, 1:09)

    This is why I still lurk around here. Great concert. Thanks for the link.
  2. mozmic_dancer

    TTY: Morrissey Stage Backdrop - Los Angeles December 31st 2015

    Dicartwright: I've always enjoyed your photoshops of Morrissey you have posted here in the past and I just find it so incredible that one of them was actually used as a backdrop. Best wishes, MD
  3. mozmic_dancer

    "List of the Lost" review in NME; media mentions

    I feel bad for Morrissey only because I know the Man can write; he has written some wonderful liner notes for the Ramones and about the early Manchester music scene and gay scene. That crazy essay about the his friend James Maker running down the Moors in his high heels from a naked ghost was a...
  4. mozmic_dancer

    Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium (July 3, 2015) post-show

    Unbelievable. I remember this song when I was a wee Mozmic. I couldn't have been more surprized if he came out with Minnie Pearl's hat on and let out a big ol' HOUUUUUDDDDDYYYYYYYY!
  5. mozmic_dancer

    TTY: Morrissey Band 2015

    Re: Morrissey Band 2015 - TTY Doug, I wish there were more people like you on here. This place used to be fun. Even the mozzerators pick fights with everyone on here. How great is this photo? Is he lovin his Late Night tshirt or what? Band looks amazing. Not sure about Jesse's haircut, but I...
  6. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey t-shirt with the queen in 2015 tour merchandise / @morrisseygang image

    Yes, you can. It's call intellectual property. The concept was his. End of story.
  7. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey t-shirt with the queen in 2015 tour merchandise / @morrisseygang image

    How sad that a bunch of design hacks needed to be shamed by social media to realized that what they did was unethical, to say the least. It's bad enough that artist need to be on their guard when they deal with clients; but when artists rip off other artists because they are so creatively...
  8. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey t-shirt with the queen in 2015 tour merchandise / @morrisseygang image

    Wow, talk about Talent Borrows, Genius Steals. They may have cobbled together some images from here and there, but the concept was YOURS. Next time, rather than giving them some sentimental bullshit about how long it took you and how you put all your heart and soul into it, either calculate...
  9. mozmic_dancer

    Pat Nevin on meeting Morrissey

    Great story, Joe Frady. It's because of people like you who are positive and are generous at heart that restores my faith of this place and I will continue to come here.
  10. mozmic_dancer

    Print Magazine names "World Peace..." #1 in Best Album Covers of 2014

    I think the last time he got involved with an album cover was that Smiths collection from Rhino. Remember that stinker with the man and his car? What that photo ever said about the Smiths was anyone's guess. Back to WPINOYB, do you know if it was ever confirmed whether it was Morrissey's...
  11. mozmic_dancer

    Print Magazine names "World Peace..." #1 in Best Album Covers of 2014

    It seems they liked the concept behind the image mostly and didn't notice (or chose to ignore) the crap retouching job. Print is a great publication and the fact that their editors still care about the artistry of album covers even when the music industry itself stopped caring ages ago, speaks...
  12. mozmic_dancer

    New Morrissey interview @ Greek online mag POPAGANDA.GR

    Re: New Morrissey interview @ Greek online mag POPAGANDA.GR What a great interview. Great questions and thoughtful, humorous responses, and you can always count on Morrissey to defend out furry friends. I find that endearing. My personal favorite part was the observation from the interviewer...
  13. mozmic_dancer

    Noel Gallagher Talks About Partying w/ Moz

    He's definitely a character. In fact, I've seen documentaries about Oasis where they needed to place subtitles whenever Noel or Liam were speaking. Anyway, I was watching the video on the train and really enjoyed it in its entirely, so I thought some here would enjoy it as well.
  14. mozmic_dancer

    Noel Gallagher Talks About Partying w/ Moz

    Noel Gallagher in this video talks about various subject including Morrissey and Russel Brand.
  15. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey interview in El Mundo (Spain); cancer treatment mention

    Morrissey will be OK. If HE isn't worried about it, then why should everyone panic? The doctors will check him out every so often. Meanwhile, he seems determined to live his life. I wish him the best.
  16. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey in Portugal photo

    Oh, how sad. The interviewer asked him about the last time he was in Portugal and he told a story about seeing a skinned lamb in a restaurant window and it upset him. He said that it was just like seeing a child.
  17. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey interview on

    Now, that is impressive. But, back to that boring old subject; I am glad that Morrissey is doing interviews again. I am very excited for anyone that is going to see him on tour. I hope all goes well.
  18. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey interview on

    Yep. Some people like to cluck-cluck-cluck and yet all they accomplish is laying a big ol' egg.
  19. mozmic_dancer

    Morrissey interview on

    I agree. There is no Google translation that could explain this laughable excuse of a post.
  20. mozmic_dancer

    Joan Rivers statement on TTY

    Oh, great. Rob Sheffield just added fuel to the fire by calling Joan Rivers "the Morrissey of her generation" I shit you not. Rivers was an "outsider" in a male-dominated profession much like...
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