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    Morrissey: The Prime Minister Britain Actually Needs by Charlie Nash - Gateway Pundit

    I love Morrissey as an artist very much I can't think of any artist who is suited for politics, to be honest. But Morrissey? The misanthropy!!
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    TTY: New Morrissey T-shirt

    A (brown) friend who I go to Moz gigs with wanted to buy one of these. Sadly, I've had to tell him that they've been withdrawn from sale.
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    30 years ago today...

    I WAS THERE! This was the first gig I ever went to. I was 17, and I went with my two best friends from school. I remember London segueing into Miserable Lie - which I don't they ever did at any other gig - and Morrissey's voice soaring over the auditorium ... I've remember being in the mosh...
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    "Heaven Knows I'm Mexican Now" - The Guardian, April 24th 2015

    I went and it was great. Especially HSIN with trumpet replacing guitar for the trademark 'wail' sound of the song
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    Josie Jones (Big Hard Excellent Fish) has gone

    Josie Jones of Big Hard Excellent Fish/"Imperfect List" has died Josie Jones, whose Imperfect List has opened Morrissey gigs since 2004, has sadly died. "Jeremy 'Wanker' Clarkson" features.
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    Moz as Hulk / All-New Superpowered Post-Punk Marvels by Butcher Billy - Behance

    Morrissey "Re-Imagined" as The Incredible Hulk Shortlist has a feature on the Brazilian artist, Butcher Billy, who has reimagined various post-Punk heros as Marvel Superheroes. The article in Shortlist links to a site on which other artists, including Morrissey, receive similar comic...
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    This Charming Man: Meet 'Ronnissey,' Brooklyn's Fake Morrissey - The Daily Beast

    Article in The Daily Beast by journalist and former rock star, Michael Moynihan. This Charming Man: Meet 'Ronnissey,' Brooklyn's Fake Morrissey - The Daily Beast "On a Smiths-themed boat tour, the phrase ‘misery loves company’ is predictably proven. The bonus: meeting Ronnissey, the Morrissey...
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    Alexander Armstrong becomes Morrissey on "Your Face Sounds Familiar" (July 20, 2013 / ITV)

    Alexander Armstrong is the 18th Pale Descendant (or rather more...!) of William the Conqueror.
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    Article: Forthcoming Colbert Report details; Morrissey to be interviewed by Victoria Wood for Britis

    I wonder if they'll discuss Fourteen Again:
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    Heaven Knows I'm Christmassy Now

    A seasonal version of Rhodri Marsden Heaven Knows I'm Christmassy Now - by freefrench, SoundCloud With apologies to Morrissey / Marr. The John Lewis advert bugged me so much I thought I should create something monstrous that made it look like the feeble streak of horsepiss that it is...
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    Morrissey/Smiths Fans in Tehran/Iran

    That is very helpful - I'll check out that link and see if I can track down the director. If I do find Morrissey fans out there, are you interested in helping to support them?
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    Morrissey/Smiths Fans in Tehran/Iran

    I think some stuff is getting out. I just thought that we, as Moz fans, ought to be seeing what we can do to throw other Moz fans in Iran a lifeline. Does anybody know anybody who might know? There have been a few Iranians posting here over the years - I'm worried for them.
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    Morrissey/Smiths Fans in Tehran/Iran

    Are there Moz fans out there? Lots of us Morrissey fans out here in Europe and the US would like to make contact with Smiths obsessives, to find out what is going on out there, and to support you if we can. Feel free to email privately. Does anybody know of any online Iranian...
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