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    morrissey and cities

    the sense of place in Morrissey's songs has always been very strong...and his work has been most significantly based in Manchester, London, LA and Rome. Which city that he has lived in so far do you think has inspired the best work and why?
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    who are you anyway?

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    Camille Paglia: Lady GaGa, the death of sex

    Lady GaGa :the death of sex
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    are you a nice person and is it worth it?

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    3D Morrissey

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    late night, maudlin street

    is still the most devastating song ever discuss
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    awkward conversations

    do you play along?
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    Morrissey is at The Dorchester!/profile.php?id=692341101&v=wall PREPARE THE MINIBUS!
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    why are so many people banned

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    All The Lazy Dykes is so under-rated

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    You Know I Couldn't Last

    I was looking at the poll for this song and was really surprised to see how low it is rated by most people. I think it's one of Morrissey's greatest post-comeback lyrics - 'don't let the blue eyes fool you, they're just GELIGNITE, LOADED AND AIMING RIGHT BETWEEN YOUR EYES!". It's the song Sorrow...
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    Who is "Nobody Loves Us" about?

    I may be missing something that is glaringly obvious but I have never quite worked this out. Who is the song about? I heard that it being the B-side to "Dagenham Dave" is significant, but being me I still don't quite get it. :(
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    Suggest a lyric change

    heresy i know.... do you ever find yourself changing the lyrics to morrissey songs like he does when performing live? E.G I'd hate to be like Certain People I Know They break their necks and can't afford to get them fixed And they'd sacrifice all of their principles for anything lying on the...
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    late night, maudlin street

    does anyone have a copy of 'late night, maudlin street', the version off the 'i just want to see the boy happy' single? thankyou, much appreciated jamie.
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    Good Looking Man About Town is about the frink thread

    Hear the gang say, "MARRY ME" The(your) dream is sand in my hands... :thumb:
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    does anybody know where i can watch this interview hi, the sound on part 2 has been disabled, can anybody point me to the rest of the interview? thanks :)
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    conversation using only morrissey lyrics

    can you delve so low?
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