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  1. fredhenson

    'Ive Never Seen Star Wars' BBC2 23:05 14/08/09

    "Tonight Nigel Havers tells Marcus Brigstocke what It's like to watch The Simpsons, get a tattoo, and listen to The Smiths for the first time"
  2. fredhenson

    Bernard Manning sings Smiths Truly shocking
  3. fredhenson

    Request: This Charming Man, TOTP

    Does anyone know where I can download or even just watch The Smith's on Top of the Pops playing 'This Charming Man'. I've looked everywhere, its not even on youtube. Thanks a lot.
  4. fredhenson

    About Manchester by Mancunians (or their neighbours)

    Hi, I live in London and am currently applying for university. I would love to go to Manchester, or at least I think I would. I cannot deny that my choice has been influenced by Morrissey and images from A taste of Honey, Control i.e. before the new Manchester. The industrial beauty really...
  5. fredhenson

    request: under the influence

    I just recieved Under the Influence: Morrissey for christmas and it doesnt seem to work on my computer. Has anybody else experienced this problem? Can somebody please list it for download? Thanks x
  6. fredhenson

    Roskilde 2008

    sorry if the title was misleading, I DONT have any info so calm down. But I was just wondering, do you think there is a chance morrissey will play roskilde next year? If he is in the middle of a European tour then it could be a possibility or do you think he will be recording at this time...
  7. fredhenson

    1x Standing ticket for opening night at the Roundhouse (face value)

    I am in a very confusing situation where I have a 6 day package, but cannot make the first show (I have an exam the next morning). I would need to sell my ticket to someone who understood this so I could meet them, pick up the wristband and then go home. Anyone interested (face value)? I'm not...
  8. fredhenson

    6 Day Pass "goodies"

    Can anybody speculate or shed some light on a) what VIP entry means and b) what the "whole host of goodies" may be?
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