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  1. ray_afraid

    Lil Wayne wears Smiths t-shirt

    This. Sometimes I wonder why I don't come here more often. I'm usually reminded the moment I log on.
  2. ray_afraid

    Fantasy Morrissey line up

    Alain Whyte - Guitar Boz Boorer - Guitar Gary Day - Bass Spencer Cobrin - Drums Ron Mael - Keyboards
  3. ray_afraid

    Morrissey Hair Thread

    Re: Morrissey hair help This. I don't spend much time on mine (see my avatar).
  4. ray_afraid

    Simon Armitage's Anti-Morrissey Agenda

    I don't think Simon has it out for Moz, but this quote is very funny.
  5. ray_afraid

    Re-release of Everyday Is Like Sunday as single bundle?

    It's a remix of November Spawned a Monster with random pieces of the original vocal scattered throughout seemingly without thought.
  6. ray_afraid

    Aborted single cover

    I love that western font! Would have looked great on the cover to Headmaster Ritual!
  7. ray_afraid

    Andy Rourke

    Where are you getting your information? Johnny never wrote the bass part, that was all Andy. Johnny never came up with the drum patterns, that was Mike. Marr still praises Andy and Mike for what they contributed to the Smiths.
  8. ray_afraid

    I cracked the Pregnant for the Last Time Code

    Why were you getting surgery done in the bathroom??
  9. ray_afraid

    Does "Ambitious Outsiders" threaten child-rape?

    This seems to happen so often here with everything from song meanings to Mozzers sexuality. Does nobody here read, watch or listen to interviews with the man?
  10. ray_afraid

    Herb Alpert

    or this? Would have been great if he would have performed on YOR. I wonder why it didn't happen..
  11. ray_afraid

    "What She Said" - XFM recording without glitches?

    I'd also love to have a glitch free version of this. My favorite version of the song my a mile. :guitar:
  12. ray_afraid

    Meat Is Murder UK tour programme

    tlm130, you are a hero! Thanks so much.
  13. ray_afraid

    Meat Is Murder UK tour programme

    Could someone please re-up this?
  14. ray_afraid

    do you think morrissey is gay, straight or bi?

    Well, since he has said in print that he's had sexual encounters with MEN AND WOMEN, I guess he's bi, eh? :crazy: You guys do read interviews with the man, yes?
  15. ray_afraid

    What song do you prefer?

    Tough call for me. Depends on the mood I suppose. no.
  16. ray_afraid

    Paint A Vulgar Picture demo?

    Ooh.. This would be great!
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