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    Malawi pardons jailed gay couple Really good news this, a small step in the right direction for gay rights in the country. Whatever the reasons for the pardon, I hope it at least opens up reasonable debate, not only in Malawi but in the whole of Africa itself.
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    For sale- full set of Smiths RT singles! + Japanese

    I've been asked by a friend to sell this original, Smiths, rough trade cd singles. What Difference Does It Make Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now The Boy With The Thorn In His Side Barbarism Begins At Home The Headmaster Ritual Panic Ask William, It Was Really Nothing Last Night I...
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    Jillys of Manchester

    is dead :( RIP.
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    Live in Dallas

    Has the intro music used at the start of Live In Dallas been used in any subsequent tours, namely from Ringleaders to Swords? It just seems so familiar and it's driving me mad. Ta if anyone can help me, it'd be much appreciated :)
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    John Terry sacked as England captain :D :D :D So who best to replace him? I say Gerrard is the man for the job.:guitar:
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    Morrissey is "best musical poet" Tell us something we don't know... Looks like that book is finally being released then...
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    Thought I'd try my luck here- anyone travelling from Manchester to Sheff and coming back that night who I could get a lift from? Last train is at 22.47 which might be pushing it. Obv would pay for petrol etc etc...:) Many thanks
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    BNP may face court injunction Will be interesting to see how this one pans out...
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    British Library Open Their Newspaper Archives I love olde English newspapers! Two people in one article are listed as their professions being "umbrella case makers". :D
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    Premiership Fixtures- 09/10 We start away to Spurs...not bad, not bad :guitar: Roll on August!!!!
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    Cute story of the day Awwww look at the cub's little face!!! :sweet:
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    Is it OK to feed cats Quorn?

    My sister's cats stay at my house a couple of times a week, and I will occasionally give them a bit of Quorn "turkey" which they really really love. Is it OK to do this? My sister is completely anti-vegetarian and says she doesn't want me feeding the cats this "crap". As long as I know it is...
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    The Drogba Hatred Thread

    This creature is on a par with Bin Laden and Saddham. He's an absolute idiot and a disgrace to football. I have never disliked anyone so much as I do him :mad: Good to see John Terry taking...
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    Horrible Animal Cruelty Case Absolutely sick. This man should be locked away for the rest of his life. I'm tempted to say he should suffer the same fate as the cats he murdered...but that would drag me down to his level.
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    G20 Idiots Now I hate banks. But I also hate unemployed 17 year old girls who live on handouts from friends and family and think they're hard done by or affected by the credit crunch in such a significant way. Makes a mockery of the average...
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    Happy St. Georges Day!

    We're not that bad as a country... :guitar:
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    Down The Line

    Anyone else a fan? The only decent thing on Radio 4 and one of the funniest things ever :D
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    Glenn Beck

    He's one scary man. Does he have something wrong with him?? I can't believe people like him are given the time of day :tears:
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    Compare The Meerkat

    Is this not the best advert in television history???
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    TV Go Home/Charlie Brooker

    ...anyone else here a fan? :thumb: Genius.
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