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    looking for clash books

    Hi all, I've been listening to alot of Clash lately and realized that I really don't know that much about them can anyone recommend a good book about the Clash? I would kind of like something with a discography and photos. Thanks.
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    that guy with the Manchester photo book

    Does anyone know what happened to the guy who was putting together a photo book of Smiths/Moz related places in Manchester? I think his name was Peter Wright. I never heard from him again but his ideas sounded pretty interesting.
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    please help me with this song

    I'm sorry to be so vague but the lyrics go something like"familiar faces, worn out places". In the states here it is on the commercial for the new video game Gear Wars. I think it was also on an episode of CSI. Any help woukd be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Any good music stores in Cincinnati?

    Going for a wedding and have lots of free time. Any help folks?
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    Seasick video

    I know sometime ago someone had asked who the people were in the Seasick, Yet still Docked video. Has this question ever been answered? It's a heartbreaking thing to watch and I'm not the sentimental type. It's hard to watch knowing that this is someone's family and a lot of these people are...
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    Billboard magazine

    Hi all, I just received a Billboard magazine because another mag I read has gone out of business and Billbaord is taking over their subscriptions. I haven't read Billboard in 20 some years and I see why, it has very little to do with music. It's all about some corporate nonsense and ads. Anyway...
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    Uncleskinny is the man!

    Peter was so nice as to send me the NME Queen is Dead issue as I would have no chance to get it in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. Thanks Peter it is very much appreciated.
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    smiths torrents

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to download from smiths torrent? I appreciate any help.
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    on the streets

    A couple of months back there was a demo for On the Streets Where I Ran. Can someone please direct me to where it is or please upload it again. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.:D :D
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