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    Low in High School pre-order missing items

    Sent an email on Fri 12/1. I was told it shipped on 11/16. Received it Sat 12/2.
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    Low in High School pre-order missing items

    No shipping notice yet as of Fri 11/24 in the US.
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    Do you think Morrissey will marry someday?

    I guess I'll be the first to say it: will never marry.
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    Morsi / "Viva Hate" on The Jon Stewart Show

    Re: Happen to catch this on The Jon Stewart Show... Stephen Colbert did a similar joke on his show a couple of months ago.
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    Davy Jones RIP

    Re: Davey Jones dead He lived in my area and we used to see him around town. I never spoke to him but people I know that have said that he was the nicest guy. He was always willing to stop and talk with fans.
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    Morri'Zine Author Article

    Thanks for that. I always wondered what happened to Nicole. I know that she had her house broken into and a lot of equipment she used to publish Morri'Zine was stolen. I didn't know there were 30 issues, I'm missing a lot.
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    Who ARE these people?

    I recognized maybe three of those names.
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    Ryan McGinley's photo tour with Morrissey plus Morrissey's favourite inscense.

    Man those shots are terrible,even if he is going for artsy. Take a class on exposure dude.
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    Stunning news from

    Got my bundle and Best Of today in US. No signed print, thought it might be in there due to the size of the package no dice though, just happy to have it and in good condition.
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    Why is Morrissey not vegan?

    I read somewhere years ago that when asked why he was not vegan, he replied that he could not possibly give up yogurt.
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    Glue single pre-order

    Re: Is there any news if there will be a bundle offer of the latest releases? Seeker, I think it was I have been checking there a couple of times a week but I haven't seen anything offered yet.
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    Johnny Marr plays ‘What’s In My Bag?’ at Amoeba Music in Hollywood

    Re: Johnny Marr at Amoeba Music in Hollywood Nice to see all those jazz box sets in stock.
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    who is henry rollins and who the f*** does he think he is

    I'm going to hear Henry speak in about two weeks. I'll tell him that you are all very upset with him. Yeah I love Morrissey and Henry Rollins. I'm sorry but I did find some of the stuff he said about Morrissey to be pretty funny actually.
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    The Smiths - Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Bootleg Vinyl Rip]

    Dowmloading now and can't wait. Thanks for sharing!
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    Collecting Passions Just Like Mine (and Yours)

    We greatly appreciate all of your hard work. Passions Just Like Mine is an indispensible reference.
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    I'm no expert on these...

    I didn't see that one, is Jim Steven's brother?
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