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  1. lostsoul2

    lyric help

    hope you can help i have a morrissey or smiths lyric in my head i cant remember the song....( i guess you didn't know) any help
  2. lostsoul2

    meeting morrissey

    a friend of mine was visiting friend in hospital on friday night where she met morrissey ..she said he was really pleasent and gave her a hug then he gave her his autograph for me ..made my year
  3. lostsoul2

    moz tickets

    i got mine cant wait
  4. lostsoul2

    please please help

    can any kind soul help i remember morrissey singing please please let me get what i want and it looked like he was upset halfway through and couldn't finish the song any help where this was and the year thanks
  5. lostsoul2

    morrissey xfactor judge

    i think it would be brilliant if moz takes over as a judge for xfactor .. what does anyone think ?
  6. lostsoul2

    bengali help

    did morrissey ever sing these lyrics i have not heard this before Note: Early versions of the song (with the Smiths but after Marr had left) included the lyrics: "Misguided Bengali! Misguided Bengali!", "A terrible jumper, a shame it's an old one, has anyone told him?" and "and not to...
  7. lostsoul2

    the smiths concert help

    can anyone help ? what was the classical music at start of the smiths concert at the palace theater 1985 ... thanks inadvance
  8. lostsoul2

    reporter's name

    what was the name of the sun reporter who accused the smiths songs of being about child abuse ... sure he had a beard
  9. lostsoul2

    moz had is day

    how many people feel he's had is day now
  10. lostsoul2

    just watced the news

    grown men and women crying about m jackson, how many of you would cry for morrissey ?
  11. lostsoul2

    track listing years of refusal

    does anyone have the track listing yet ? i cant find any many thanks
  12. lostsoul2

    i just want to see the boy happy

    hi a friend of mine wants to sell (on ebay) Morrissey-I Just Want To See the Boy Happy: Gatefold: Ltd (ATKSE023) - 7 inch single - Morrissey-I Just Want To See The Boy Happy: Picture Disc: Ltd (ATKSE023X) - 7 inch single - Morrissey-I Just Want To See the Boy Happy (ATKXD023) -...
  13. lostsoul2

    moz/ trash

    does anyone know why morrissey did not sing the full version of the newyork dolls cover of trash, just heard it sounds brilliant
  14. lostsoul2

    chart entry number 13

    morrisset set to entry charts at 13 and is the highest new entry, so it said on ch 4 text 341
  15. lostsoul2

    Je Suis help

    what is the connection with morrissey and Je Suis many thanks
  16. lostsoul2

    help with 2007 dvds

    hi i'm looking to buy any full shows (2007) on dvd ...anyone help
  17. lostsoul2


    has anyone heard from vulgar he was very kind to me when i first started collecting morrissey, he's not been on for a while hope he's ok
  18. lostsoul2

    2007 dvd's

    is it me or has there been a lack of 2007 dvds ? i have asked afew times but no one seems to have any , so please lrts have some full dvds to trade or buy
  19. lostsoul2

    2007 dvds

    hi, are there any full dvds of the 2007 shows (any) i'm willing to buy or make a contribution to a charity of you choice , many thanks
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