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  1. Pokey

    Johnny Marr in Melbourne

    Just got back from Johnny's gig at The Corner in Melbourne, first time I've seen him and holy shit he blew me away! I really enjoyed his album but this was a whole new level. He had just had so much energy, his solo stuff sounded really strong, The Smiths stuff was just awesome and really puts...
  2. MozSmith1

    Message from Morrissey; "...Playboys" re-release in March -

    Via True-to-you: Message from Morrissey The reports of my death have been greatly understated. Once admitted to the William Beaumont Hospital at Royal Oak in Michigan, I received treatment for concussion, a bleeding ulcer, and Barrett's esophagus. The positive from all of this is that there...

    Rescheduled U.S. tour dates to be announced Nov. 12, New Zealand and Australia remain - TTY

    Morrissey's rescheduled U.S. dates will be announced on November 12; dates in New Zealand and Australia remain firmly in place - 3 November 2012 The new run of Morrissey's rescheduled U.S. dates will be announced on November 12. The dates in New Zealand and Australia remain...
  4. Pokey

    Johnny Marr + The Healers

    Any word on what's happening with a new album here? I wasn't hanging out for it all that much until Johnny posted that clip of him on youtube of him playing "European Me" on guitar, and then checked out (from what I could see) the only clip of it live on youtube and it's just a great song, if...
  5. Pokey

    Morrissey lyrics on conflict.

    So I've headed back to school after a 10yr gap working and my mind is pretty rusty with this whole study thing. In English we're dealing a lot with the topic 'Encountering Conflict" and as a part of that I'm trying to collect quotes, poems and lyrics to do with conflict (in any form really). So...
  6. Pokey

    Does anyone have more of this recording? (london 2011)

    Probably the best youtube clip I've seen posted of 'I know it's over': The guy says to email him for info on how to obtain more of this quality recording of the gig and this is A+ sounding material to me. I emailed him but alas no word of a reply yet. Has anyone else found any more of...
  7. Pokey

    Favorite concert quotes

    I'm not sure if this has been done before (I'm sure Kewpie will let me know if it has). But what are your favorite quotes from Moz at a gig you've been to or heard the bootleg of? Whether it be his opening lines or interaction with audience of band members or comments between songs. I figure...
  8. Pokey

    req: Black Eyed Susan edit

    Does anyone have or able to upload an edit of Black Eyed Susan which was on the boards a few years ago. It had the whole slower middle section cut out and made the song a lot more enjoyable. A search brings up an old archieved thread but the download link has long since expired :(
  9. Pokey

    Red Lightning Request

    I used to love "Something out of Nothing" by Red Lightning but can't for the life of me find the file anywhere on my computer. I formatted about 6 months ago and it must have been lost somewhere along the way. Can anyone hook me up with the mp3 of this? (even via PM if you dont wanna post...
  10. Pokey

    Swords Warsaw

    I have not been able to find a version of swords with the bonus live in warsaw cd anywhere. Can't buy the mp3s online as online downloads seem to deny its existance and all the copies in stores here in Australia are just the standard edition. Australian itunes doesn't even have swords on it at...
  11. Pokey

    Morrissey plays The Smiths

    So Morrissey seems to add around about 5 Smiths songs into his setlist each tour, just wondering of the songs he's performed which ones do you think he and the band have pulled off best, so if you were to pick 5 of the batch of songs he's already performded to go into the setlist what would they...
  12. Pokey

    Wresling with Russell

    I was overjoyed walking into JB Hi Fi today to find years of refusal on sale, generally Australia has to wait a couple of months after a Moz release to see it in stores here (albums only, singles dont touch our shores). Even after downloading it a month ago I needed it to continue my collection...
  13. Pokey

    Sparks - Exotic Creatures of the Deep

    Wondering if anyone has this yet? I've only heard the single, lighten up morrissey and snippits of the rest .. what are people's opinions of it? How does it measure up to the last 2 amazing albums or that run of great albums in the 70s? Also, it's cheeky but does anyone have it to upload? :P...
  14. Pokey

    Seasick video

    Just regarding the Seasick, Yet still docked video ... is it known who's family it is shown in the video? Morrissey's? A band members? Randoms? .. always been curious about that, and if it is Moz's who's who there.
  15. Pokey


    as in the band Sparks, not the latest Moz gig :P Does anyone have the latest album - Hello young lovers. that they could upload? It'd be awesome if you could, I can't find it in stores anywhere here in Australia and I don't have a credit card to buy online :(
  16. Pokey

    Jack the Ripper

    Hey does anyone have the AFI studio cover of Jack the Ripper? as seen here: it's not too bad really, IMHO, I don't really know AFI but I couldn't find it anywhere..
  17. Pokey

    small request

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could upload the audio of Moz's performance of "I've changed my plea to guilty" from his appearence on Jonothan Ross from back in like 91/92 or whenever it was, it's a masterful rendition of the song! Also just a tidbit that probably doesn't need it's own...
  18. Pokey

    Kristeen Young

    Does anyone have a few Kristeen Young songs they could upload or send to me via PM? Mostly "Kill the Father" .. I'm thinking of buying her album but I really haven't heard much of her besides what's on her myspace (and I can't really listen to that properly - go the power of dial-up internet!)...
  19. Pokey


    Just wondering if an audio rip of that Alexandra Palace video could be uploaded at some time? I'd do it myself but seeing as I'm traveling I haven't got access to an audio ripping program. Also, can someone upload the best quality live performance of "Angel, Angel, down we go together" ? The...
  20. Pokey

    Still Ill request

    Sorry to make a new thread for such a small request but is it possible for someone to rip the audio from the video of the Still ill performance that aired on British TV a few weeks ago? I can't remember what show it was from .. Morrissey was talking to some lady sitting on a couch (excuse my...
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