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    Johnny's Autobiography

    Just in case anyone else has shelves that look something like mine, you might want to know that there are (at least) two versions of the standard edition of Set The Boy Free. The one on the left was an Xmas present, bought from Waterstones, the one on the left was bought from Rough Trade just in...
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    Meat is Murder - Oxford - Extended Version

    Eight and a half years since posting this I have been asked to re-upload it. Happy as always to oblige... Enjoy Info here...
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    Any Smiths or Morrissey sightseeing in Toronto, Washington or New York?

    This might be a little left field, but I guess this is Solo, so someone will be able to help. As the title suggests, I'm looking for any potential Smiths or Morrissey sights to see in Toronto, Washington or New York? I'm going on holiday in a week or so and I'm interested to know if there are...
  4. A

    "List of the Lost" physical copy picture posted by @ariel_mcdowall / Twitter

    An anonymous person posts the link: @ariel_mcdowall / Twitter: Forget all else for this has arrived. #Morrissey Media coverage / other tweets: Disappointed: UK book critic slams Morrissey's upcoming novel "List of the Lost" - Vanyaland. Link posted by an anonymous person.
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    FS 2 x Johnny Marr - Holmfirth Picture Dome - 26th March

    Unfortunately I can no longer attend the Johnny Marr gig this Thursday in Holmfirth. I have two tickets for sale - face value £50. Can be picked up in Wigan during Tuesday day time, Manchester city centre on Wednesday day time or Wythenshawe or Wigan on Thursday daytime. Evening collection in...
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    Looking for download / ebook of Moz & Smiths lyrics

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a word document or ebook of Smith & Morrissey lyrics. I'm trying to avoid copying and pasting 341 times from PJLM and I'm assuming someone must have done it already :o Using the search button shows that no one has asked this question since 2006 - several...
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    Wanted - Standing ticket for Leeds

    As per the title, I'm looking for a spare standing ticket for Leeds. So, if anyone has a spare, please let me know. Dave
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    The Bullfighter Dies

    Well, not quite, but I'm sure Morrissey would approve of this news on his birthday # Nobody cries... Because we all want the bull to survive# Dave
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    25th Anniversary of First Solo Gig

    A tweet from Kevin Cummins tonight reminds us of the 25th anniversary of the Civic Hall gig... might be some rare shots as well Kevin Cummins (@KCMANC) tweeted at 6:57 PM on Sat, Dec 21, 2013: Four goals for #MCFC today so 4 goals from my archive tomorrow. I'll be celebrating the 25th...
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    Autobiography Audiobook - Free download

    I wonder if anyone has downloaded Autobiography Audiobook yet, did you pay for it, or take advantage of the free offer on Amazon? It...
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    Record Store Day 20th April 2013

    The list of this year's RSD releases has been revealed - the official site has crashed, but here the list No Morrissey or Smiths as far as I can see, but Bowie is releasing 'Drive in Saturday' (Moz covered). The Weller 7" Box Set...
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    Wanted: 2 tickets for Johnny Marr - Ritz Manchester - Friday 22nd

    As per the title of the thread, I'm looking for two spare tickets for Johnny's gig on Friday at the Ritz - please PM me if you have any spares. Dave
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    Johnny Marr on BBC Breakfast this morning (26th Feb)

    They have just announced that he is on later - didn't mention what time but I suspect it is the celebrity slot after 9am Dave
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    Morrissey's Rome

    I'm going to Rome for a week at the end of May and I'm wondering how many Morrissey landmarks there might be to entertain myself with... wonder if (m)any Solo-ists have made the pilgramage? A search of the old threads shows a discussion in 2007, but not much since...
  15. joe frady

    tty ~ 'Kill Uncle' to be raised from the dead!

    Press release: The Last Of The Famous International Playboys: special edition single; Kill Uncle: album remastered - 5 February 2013 Parlophone Presents: 'The Last Of The Famous International Playboys' Special edition 7" single picture disc b/w recent Morrissey radio sessions...
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    Mike Joyce - Twitter based Moz Love-in

    I don't know how to paste links to individual tweets, but if you follow Mike on Twitter you will see some love going out to Morrissey this morning... Apparently Mozzer reckons me, Andy & Johnny never liked his lyrics. Yeah, I always thought he was the weak...
  17. Uncleskinny

    30th anniversary of the first Smiths live appearance at The Ritz in Manchester (Oct. 4, 1982)

    Just thought I'd mention... ...that it's 30 years to the day since The Smiths' first live appearance at the Ritz in Manchester. Dave2006 also writes: Mike - the drummer, remember him? He's the one that played at all the gigs - he tweeted it earlier... 30 years ago to the day The Smiths played...
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    Dublin house once owned by Morrissey for sale

    An anonymous person writes: The interior has been redesigned since Morrissey sold it. Its also believed that he made £900,000 from the sale. Quaint yet unconventional - The Irish Times Excerpt: DUBLIN 17 €875,000: Bow-sided Georgian house that surprises by presenting like a very modern...
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    Charlie Richardson dies at 78, former gangster featured on Your Arsenal tour imagery

    Charlie Richardson: Rival gangster of The Krays dies - BBC News Former London gangster Charlie Richardson has died at the age of 78. Morrissey used an image of Charlie Richardson on the Your Arsenal inner sleeve and also as a backdrop and on tour merchandise on the Your Arsenal tour (scan of...
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    Collection of promo negatives on ebay

    Has anyone seen these? What do you think? Obviously someone selling off old stock from a promotions company - would be great to own or or two, but at £50... not sure. There are some...
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