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  1. the beast

    Most Desirable CD

    off the back of the "least" desirable, here's the "most" desirable.
  2. the beast

    Tony Hart RIP

    can't believe the man who created the legends that are Morph & Chas has departed this world:eek: a sad, sad day:tears:
  3. the beast

    Congratulations jukebox jury

    ......on reaching 5000 posts, and everyone as important as the other. the man is a living some places:D;)
  4. the beast

    Liverpool Empire tickets:guitar::guitar:
  5. the beast

    Shannon matthews' mum a complete f***ing scumbag:gun:
  6. the beast

    Morrissey vinyl for sale

    i'm about to part with more morrissey vinyl, preferably in one go. should anyone want it just get in touch. all are brand new/unplayed unless stated. 1. suedehead uk 7", Ex 2. everyday is like sunday uk 7", Ex 3. the last of the famous international playboys uk 7", Ex 4. interesting drug...
  7. the beast

    Baby P

    i can't recall i more a more sickening and heartbreaking tragedy to emerge in my lifetime. the very image of his poor little face is giving me sleepless nights. i can't imagine what this little guy went through at the hands of these animals. when it was on the news last week i had to go out so...
  8. the beast

    Death Pool

    ..........does anyone still do this? just that somebody said to me today, about someone..."i've got him in me death pool this year":eek:
  9. the beast

    Who's the cock of this forum?

    really childish i know:( but who is the hardest on this forum:guitar:
  10. the beast

    Fern britton...."attacked"

    according to the news fern britton is to talk about being raped when she was 21. is it just me or is she dragging this up now to gain public support after the dieting/gastric band fall out? either way i find her a [email protected]$king hypocrite:mad:
  11. the beast

    Mum, heroin & me

    has anybody just watched this on channel 4?
  12. the beast

    FOR SALE: 43x smiths 12"

    due to circumstances im about to sell 43 smiths 12". all are in mint or excellent condition and have been housed in pvc sleeves and stored in a record box for a number of years. should anyone want to buy them then just send a pm. or alternatively pm me should you require details:guitar:
  13. the beast

    Help Required.

    due to unforseen circumstances i wont be able to get tickets for the roundhouse from tomorrows pre-sale:mad:i dont want to end up having all my eggs in 1 basket with fridays general sale:( therefore i would like to appeal to some kind soul to ask would they get me a pair of tickets for 1 or 2...
  14. the beast

    new owner required:

    if anyone wants the followins items;sheila take a bow 12",shakespear's sister 12" & some girl's are bigger than others 12"(greman) then pm me. a modest fee will do:)p.s all are in very good condition and are what i've got 2 or more of.:)
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