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  1. Ms Valerie Gina

    Mexico in May

    Anyone else really like going to Mexico? What else can you ask for but tons of RX drugs and Morrissey? -MSVALGINA
  2. Ms Valerie Gina

    Morrissey Hawaii - May 19, 2012

    UPDATE Mar. 2, 9:40AM PT: Waiting for confirmation -- rumored dates: 18th Maui 19th Oahu UPDATE Mar. 1, 6:15PM PT: Posted in the comments by Darrell_Tyler: Well, hope this show wasn't just a rumour, as it has now been removed from the HNLNOW site, and it is not listed on Bamp Projects site...
  3. Ms Valerie Gina

    Morrissey Hawaii - May 19, 2012

    This has been common knowledge for several hours now. No one else has posted it so.... Kakaako Waterfront Park May 19, 2012 -Ms. V.G. ;)
  4. Ms Valerie Gina

    Superbowl Occult thread

    This should be right up your alley, crystal geiser! Superbowl halftime ritual! LOL
  5. Ms Valerie Gina

    2012! Who are you voting for?

    Let's have it! Who is getting your vote?! I still haven't made up my mind, but I'm thinking either Ron Paul or Rick Santorum
  6. Ms Valerie Gina

    No Oakland

    Oakland will NOT be rescheduled. more info to come once hubby gets home!
  7. Ms Valerie Gina

    My little complaint about our maid! UGH

    the birthday of my poodle Princess is coming up and I asked the bitch to find cartoons of dogs that look like princess and she sends me THIS omg lol !!!!! my husbands bratty daughters did not appreciate this. little bitches they are.
  8. Ms Valerie Gina

    More info for all the haterz! Morrissey in SF

    January 5! :) Looks like I'll ne heading oot to SF again! :D
  9. Ms Valerie Gina

    Who is Julie?

    I heard a lot of people talking about a fan named Julie when I was in the pit for PHX, Escondido, and the Shrine. People backstage were talking about her too in Vegas, baby, Vegas! (lol) and in Santa Fe! Who is she?
  10. Ms Valerie Gina

    Sao Paolo in May

    Hubby says a Sao Paulo date in May is being proposed and the logistics being discussed. I'll keep you posted in case I hear anything else.
  11. Ms Valerie Gina

    Las Vegas filmed!!

    This eas a good show! Gteat voice!! filmed from inside the barrier! Soon to dvd? I'll see if hubby can find out anything :) goodnight everyone!
  12. Ms Valerie Gina

    my view from the orpheum pit

    Sorry for the poor picture, I can't figure out my Iphone camera settings
  13. Ms Valerie Gina

    Morrissey Santa Fe queue!

    Just left the venue for my husbands meeting. There seems to be a line already! So soon? Some nice people! Luckily I have my VIP tickets <3 <3 <3 <3 lolz
  14. Ms Valerie Gina

    Morrissey Matinee Show - Santa Fe 11/20 1PM

    So I'm flying into Santa Fe for the show on Friday because my husband and I got VIP tickets :) and a letter. The letter states a Morrissey event on the 20th, in the daytime. Does he have a show on the 20th? The letter says we can use the same ticket...
  15. Ms Valerie Gina

    Pomona/Escondido tickets needed

    Hey everyone! People seem so nice here. I need a Pomona ticket (plus someone to wait in line for me ;)) and an Escondido ticket! Preferably the Escondido ticket would be row K or closer. I haven't had season tickets to that theater since I lived closer to Oceanside. Please message...
  16. Ms Valerie Gina

    My hubby brought me a DVD back from a business trip in London

    I don't recognize it and it has no cover. Did my husband get swindled? I tried to take a cute picture ;)
  17. Ms Valerie Gina

    SHOW ADDED? Royal Oak Dec 18

    My husband just got back a business trip in London Town! Anyway He says Morrissey will be playing in Royal Oak, Michigan! He also got me a DVD that I don't recognize!
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