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    Discovering Music: The Smiths

    Not sure if this has been posted but Sky Arts have put together a new short documentary on The Smiths. It is showing on Sky Arts on Sunday night but is available On Demand now. Enjoy.
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    Boz Boorer : Age of Boom

    I don't think there is another thread on this so I thought I should start one. Have to say I am absolutely loving this album. Highlights for me are Girl From Atlanta, More Alexandria Than Rome, Age Of Boom, Un Año De Amor, Make A Circuit With Me, Put The Hearse in Reverse, Le Stalker and I...
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    Selling my ticket for Leeds 20th March

    Sadly i cannot attend, wife is being induced the day before! Seat location: section BK 109, row R No reasonable offer will be refused, drop me a PM. Thanks
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    Arcade Fire cover The Smiths' "London" in London - Pitchfork

    Arcade Fire Cover The Smiths' "London" in London (includes XFM audio rip) - Pitchfork While I prefer the anthrax cover, arcade fire is one of the bigger bands around so it's nice to see the smiths played to a broader audience.
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    Has Morrissey proved his point to the record companies?

    I mean with the book sales, staying at number 1 for weeks. The book is readily available in the UK, in every store, it actually feels like it is being promoted, everything that doesn't happen with his music and the results are clear - he is clearly a name that can sell. From the tiny...
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    Did you see Morrissey 25 at the cinema?

    I went to see the film last night. I was one of about ten people there. It's hard to read any kind of atmosphere in a mostly empty room, but judging by the people who decided to sit directly behind me and comment all throughout the film, the people who had come to watch were hardly diehard fans...
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    The Smith Live at The Rockpalast on Sky Arts 1 HD

    Being shown this evening at 11:30 UK time. Looks like it is being repeated over the next few days, search for "Rockpalast: The Smiths" in the sky epg. A little link to trailer is here:
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    Interesting : Attack record label t-shirts worn by the band.

    Does this hint that Morrissey might be close or have a deal to release under the Attack label again?
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    Selling some rare items

    Hi all. I have a few unexpected bills so I'm selling a few rare items and would prefer to sell them here before I go elsewhere. First off is the book Peepholism. Excellent condition. Second is the Nice Bit of Meat (Meat006) rare vinyl album. I am in the uk but will ship anywhere as...
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    Rusholme > Charming Man live video

    Spotted this clip on youtube, nice early smiths live video of Rusholme Ruffians and an absolutely seamless transistion into This Charming Man :D It's a good job they worked on their links! Enjoy
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