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  1. The Wild Turkey

    Norm MacDonald Laughter Accolades

    Norm said that his biggest goal when gettin' into Stand-Up Comedy was to get onto the David Letterman program, cause Norm thought Dave was the funniest. He went ahead and fulfilled that goal and then went on the program some 20 more times. Then when it came time for Dave to end his program, he...
  2. The Wild Turkey

    Reagan And Comedy

    Ronald McReagan was a very unifyin' guy, but also a very dividin' guy. Politics aside, one thing I kinda been noticin' about Ron R, is that the guy loved comedy. This here thread will explore his relationship with comedy.
  3. The Wild Turkey

    The Odds In Vegas

    If ya were puttin' down money and placin' a bet, what do ya think Moz will choose for the first song of the first show in Vegas?
  4. The Wild Turkey

    Moz loves Trash

    Moz gave a complimentin' comment about the song Trash by the New York Dolls, sayin'... "For an hour, for a second, for a minute, it has never dated. And that's the test of fantastic music." Any other folks got a song they feel like this about?
  5. The Wild Turkey

    IANADOAC named record of the year

    Congratulations Moz! IANADOAC was named Record Of The Year, accordin' to the music lovers of Moz-Solo. 1. I Am Not A Dog On A Chain - Morrissey 2. Rough And Rowdy Ways - Bob Dylan 3. A Hero's Death - Fontaines D.C. 4. (Tie) Fetch The Bolt Cutters - Fiona Apple Desire - Desire Marea Pabst - Deux...
  6. The Wild Turkey

    5 Favorite records of 2020

    What were ya 5 favorite records of 2020? Most of ya seem to be music lovers, so maybe ya got an opinion on the matter. The Wild T 5: 1. I Am Not A Dog On A Chain - Morrissey Yep ya really know that it had to be so. A heck of a record all the way through. 2. Rough And Rowdy Ways - Bob Dylan...
  7. The Wild Turkey

    Book of Life Thread

    This here is a thread that allows ya to appreciate folks while they're alive and wildin'. Instead of always waitin' for folks to pass away, go ahead and giv'em livin' thanks.
  8. The Wild Turkey

    The Borgnine Bus

    Take a scenic trip across America with Oscar winning actor Ernest Borgnine, aboard his luxury bus "The Sun Bum". A splendid time is guaranteed for all!
  9. The Wild Turkey

    Moz won!

    Moz got thrown on a bumpy road in 2018. He went through some trials and tribulations and ended up stronger for it. Here's to ya Moz!
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