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    It was Twenty Five Years Ago Today

    I Unexpectedly met Morrissey in Liverpool, 11th august 1987...And he was a perfect gentleman. ( The person he was with, however, was NOT...sorry, didn't catch Its name at the time...). I wrote a poem to commemorate the event, and with any luck, I shall post it here....

    IT's MY 1000'th POST!!!

    YAYYYYY!!!! ...Just had to celebrate that somehow!!!

    Thank you Kenzie!!

    Big thanks to Ya Kenzie for the Birthday greeting!!...I have NO IDEA where the PM went when I tried to reply, so I cannot/Could not respond personally..(.The Private messages function on this site has always been a bit of a mine-field for me to use anyway.) I hope the Mods don't shout at me...

    Putting a Video onto youtube.

    Hi everyone, Last week, I finally worked out how to use "Windows Video maker", and made a slideshow of my photo's with music....I would like to share it with others, but, when I try to Upload it to youtube, it says to transfer it to a WMV file ( whatever the feck THAT may mean...). I have...

    Slow Moving Millie gets on my tits.

    My Dawgg is called Millie, and she has recently started walking slowly ( probably Canine arthiritis....she is @ 13 yrs old) and it really pisses me off that it takes AGES to get her around the block for walkies each day/night......jus' sayin'.....

    ALICE COOPER Halloween Show, Sky arts, 31st October.

    Hello everyone!!! If there is Anybody out there on here who has a DVD recorder, and is planning to record this programme tonight, I would LOVE it if I could have a copy. I have a few Morrissey/Smiths DVD/CDs I would quite happily Trade....Thanking you in advance, whoever you may be....Cheers!!

    OMD at "Eric's" Liverpool Tonight 10th Sept, 2011.

    A bit short notice but....... Is anyone on else here gonna be at this??? I have been lucky enough to get a ticket....come over and say hello if ya are!! ( I'll have my "With the Beatles" Tie on... just gotta dress smart! for this!!). Me and "Eric's" club go back a LOOOOONGGG way...first saw...

    TXT message query

    Hi there Mozzerites....I wonder if you could help me out with this please .... What does :L mean when it is included in a text phone message??? Thanks!! a message, and it ended with that "Sign".....and I dunno WTF to make of it....cheers, me dears....

    What would Morrissey from the 80's think of Himself in 2011 ???

    ...Just thought I would try to start some kind of Sensible topic round here..... They are obviously 2 very different people now, but, I wonder what His younger self would think of his recent "Behaviour" ( Tseng-ergate, not liking any "Band Member" snipes or criticisms on various web-sites...

    What was Stoke like, then???

    Anyone here go to the gig??? I was offered a ticket, but didn't go....( Long story...)My mate did..... Haven't heard from him since.......please someone tell me it was fantastic, and Mozzer played a Blinder...thanx ( ....I just haven't seen a peep about the show on here all day......)...

    Hulmerist SIGNED VHS cover

    ...Thinking of putting this on E-bay.....I won it in 1990 from "Sounds" UK Music magazine. ( Now Long ceased publishing....R.I.P. Sounds!!!). ( amongst other things...Not many people seemed to do the crossword competitions....!!) I Took it off the wall to "Dust" it, and stupidly dropped...

    Allie Walls...message for :-

    Hi Admin chaps, I hope you don't mind me putting this on here, but I have no other way of getting in touch with Allie... I will delete this as soon as Allie reads it,...or you can!! thank you...) Hi again Allie, Sorry the PM message failed.... Facebook won't let me respond to you...

    Passion Just Like Mine Oct 1991?

    hello all, I was watching a Live clip of "Driving your girlfriend Home" on youtube, and the "Description" with it mentioned a full concert list, from 1991. Seeing as I am going through a severe "Kill Uncle" phase at the moment, I was wondering if any of you good souls out there had this DVD...

    Daybbreak UK TV show appearance 28/09?

    Hi all, I was a bit busy doing stuff this morning, ( a rather Tricky "Sudoku" puzzle, actually...But I 'ventually nailed the sucker...) when some sort of "Trailer" for tomorrows show came on. In it, "Lord" (HA!) John Prescott of wherever was faffing on about something, and "This charming...

    Morrisseys Letter to "Fiesta"

    I Dunno how to "Scan" it, but I have a copy of "Fiesta" Adult magazine from 1986...which features the following letter, from a certain S. Morrissey, Weatherfield, Manchester , UK. "Dear editor, I was in T' Rovers t'other night, and Alec Gilroy and his wife Bet suggested a "Threesome"...

    A message to Julia

    ...Who are you ??

    Bruce Springsteen Glasto, 2009

    Hi again all...... I posted about this a while back, but nobody replied:tears: If any of you good souls out there managed to record the Gig when it was shown on TV, I would be extremely grateful for a DVD copy........ got some decent Moz stuff to trade in return......... Thanx. I am in a...

    Message for "M"

    Hi there M, if you can read this!!!....I just spent AGES typing an E-mail to you....I pressed "Send"....but I I don't know if it has actually "Sent".....told ya i was rubbish with Computers!!!! Thanx again!!!!

    Johnny Cash

    ...has anybody got a DVD recorder out there, and would be willing to record the "Folsom Prison" show for me( and any other johnny stuff ....) tonight??? ( My recorder has Long ago "Burned out"...) I Will Pay handsomely back in decent quality Moz DVDS......thanks.

    Whos Kanye ??

    I..As Frank Booth once said...." Who Is this f***"....?
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