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  1. Theo

    Maybe I don't get it. Why is Morrissey releasing a decade's old song as a single?

    I just don't get it at all. The song is from the mid-80's. Why is it being released as a single today? I don't understand. It appears to be nothing but a money grab. And you notice that Morrissey does this without even caring about his fans. He attacked the record stores that tried to ensure...
  2. Theo

    Why Morrissey Is Dead To Me, By Gene's Martin Rossiter - The Quietus

    Props to Liam Gallagher of Oasis for his fine performance at the Manchester charity concert. Martin Rossiter used to say how awful Oasis was, what despicable people they were, blah blah blah, because they weren't "Politically Correct European Socialists" like him. But Oasis' music actually...
  3. Theo

    Why Morrissey Is Dead To Me, By Gene's Martin Rossiter - The Quietus

    Martin Rossiter, 2012: "I felt very uncomfortable with the whole Britpop thing. It was played out under the dirty shadow of the union flag which I always found quite distasteful. I never had any desire to represent Great Britain. At the time I said that I regarded myself as European rather than...
  4. Theo

    How Bill Cosby was once completely upstaged by Morrissey - and hated it - The Telegraph

    I find this very weird, because I remember watching that episode of The Tonight Show and thinking Bill Cosby quite enjoyed Morrissey. It was actually Johnny Carson who I thought found Morrissey and his fans annoying.
  5. Theo

    Why Morrissey Is Dead To Me, By Gene's Martin Rossiter - The Quietus

    That band Gene tried very hard to grab a lot of Morrissey fans in Suede fashion in the '90's but their music just wasn't very good. They'd start a a couple songs in promising fashion but they all went nowhere fast, and their albums were boring as hell. No one misses them and they will be...
  6. Theo

    Morrissey has a right to his opinion

    What difference does it make? Morrissey requested this site to shut down many years ago. He hates it. It should just be deleted instead of continuing on as some sort of stalker fan site.
  7. Theo

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Nico & Serge
  8. Theo

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    America is heading towards another civil war.
  9. Theo

    what are you eating right now

    A Magnum ice cream bar with some Uncle Ray's pretzels on the side.
  10. Theo

    Daily Record: "Morrissey used to be a charming man..."

    Very silly article which seems to believe anyone who disagrees with leftists on anything is a "racist".
  11. Theo

    How does morrissey like his tea?

    JED: Do you drink tea? MORRISSEY: Oh yes, I do. J: Do you ever get sick of drinking tea? M: I absolutely never get sick of drinking tea. It's a psychological thing really, it's just very composing and makes me relax. J: It's just so much a part of your culture! M: Oh yes, yes. I'm very avid, I...
  12. Theo

    Morrissey has a right to his opinion

    Nigel Farage speaking the truth, roasting the scumbags.
  13. Theo

    Morrissey has a right to his opinion

    I find it amusing that all you think you have to do to "discredit" Nigel Farage is post a photo of him with a mug bearing Thatcher. You have no substance. Nigel Farage went after the scum in the EU, like Herman van Rompuy, but he gets no credit from you because you can't handle the woman on...
  14. Theo

    The state of SoLow

    I hadn't been to SoLow in years. I post a little question in a thread last week asking what is the proof that Nigel Farage is a racist. UncleSkinny replied. Oh. lucky for me that one of the commies replied. LOL I have no idea if this guy is a moderator anymore. He used to be, that's all I...
  15. Theo

    What album are you listening to right now?

    Rebecca Pidgeon Carla Bruni
  16. Theo

    What is currently your favorite television show(s)?

    Cleveland Indians baseball games Cleveland Cavaliers basketball games American Pickers Tanked Watter's World 60 Minutes PGA golf Seinfeld reruns Whatever's on TCM Lifetime movies The Greg Gutfeld Show
  17. Theo

    What song are you listening to right now?

    After 500 years, Leonardo da Vinci’s music machine is brought to life
  18. Theo

    Top 15 'Morrissey' songs of last century

    I loved The Smiths, but its been awhile since I've listened to them. Morrissey Your Arsenal thru Maladjusted will probably always be my favorite period. Been playing Ringleader of late, too.
  19. Theo

    "Alain Whyte Looking And Sounding Great!"

    Singing a Smiths song in a leather jacket? Don't know about that......
  20. Theo

    Morrissey has a right to his opinion

    "Shame on people who bullied and insulted Morrissey by his personal and valid opinion about media and Le Pen. You can think differently, but being with the majority doesn't give you the right to crush the minority." I didn't see the Le Pen/Macron debate. But if Morrissey did state he felt the...
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