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  1. PUNKturedBIKE

    Illustrated lyric prints.

    So, I have made prints from some of my illustrations. Thought I'd post them here in case anyone is interested. Thanks.
  2. PUNKturedBIKE

    London tickets?

    Any tickets going? I had one for Brixton but it is now sat in the post office depot. :tears:
  3. PUNKturedBIKE

    For sale - Plymouth ticket

    Plymouth - 30th June - Standing ticket. Can't make this date now, my sister is getting married and I need to be elsewhere in the country. I am inconsolable. Ticket on ebay for £25:
  4. PUNKturedBIKE

    Smiths tshirts

    It's a sad day but I have accepted that these tshirts don't fit me, and rather have them languish in my wardrobe I have stuck 'em on eBay. All 99p start price. Buy them so they might live again! skinny fit t shirt Meat is Murder: Queen is Dead medium t shirt Bigmouth Strikes Again t...
  5. PUNKturedBIKE

    You're the bee's knees

    Volume 1 of "You're the bee's knees", a collection of cartoons about Morrissey fans is now available online. You're the bee's knees Thanks for looking.
  6. PUNKturedBIKE

    Cornelius Blaze

    Hey, what's the comic that Crystal Geezer has in her sig?
  7. PUNKturedBIKE

    Question about Morrissey 'Swords' scarf

    Does anyone think that this scarf should be considered a football scarf when entering a pub that doesn't allow football colours to be worn inside?
  8. PUNKturedBIKE

    Beauty spots

    ...have you got one? Are you beautiful? pst pix pls
  9. PUNKturedBIKE

    There's nothing wrong with you

    Hands up who likes Maladjusted? The title track is my most played song this week, i really can't get enough of it, though much like other favourites old and new. Can't stand Alma or Roy or stomach Wide to Receive, i keep skipping back to Maladjusted today but Trouble Loves Me had me over 100...
  10. PUNKturedBIKE

    Let the wrong one slip in.

    I'm worried. It seems to me the argument against the bnp is failing amoungst the so called intelectual and political people. As the so called dumb racists can accually string a sentence together. Research has also found that dumb racists can also spell better than i can. And then. The BNP...
  11. PUNKturedBIKE

    Hands up!

    Who's bought a ticket off ebay then, where and how much?
  12. PUNKturedBIKE

    f***ed Up

    Any other fans out here? What do you think of the new album? Anyone going to the Camden gig on 17th?
  13. PUNKturedBIKE


    ...queestion.. whats the name f the morrissey licing chocolate vid?
  14. PUNKturedBIKE

    Cutting down trees goes Green!
  15. PUNKturedBIKE

    Smiths only diet.

    I once worked with a guy who said that he listened to nothing but Manic Street Preachers. I've been known to binge hard on certain artists, at one time i vowed to buy nothing but The Fall until i had all their albums, but never one thing only. Anyone else?
  16. PUNKturedBIKE

    Who ruined Great Britain?

    Good old Daily Mail!
  17. PUNKturedBIKE

    Wrong Brain Reaction.

    Stupid things you do without realising the stupidity... I just flicked ash in to my cuppa tea, rather than the ashtray. Oh, cruel life.
  18. PUNKturedBIKE

    Sexy BAD BOY frink thread

    Where did i come up with this idea? lol Nick 13 Gary Day Meet in in a dark alley boys!
  19. PUNKturedBIKE

    Any psycho fans?

    Cuz indie is for pussies? :p
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