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  1. Blistersoul

    What She Said (NME poll winners) version

    Does anyone have a lossless version of the above track they can share with me? I have looked through the various resources and cannot seem to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Blister
  2. Blistersoul

    INXS singles help

    Hey all, I am looking for some help for some INXS singles from the Welcome to Wherever You Are era. Anyone have any they would be willing to share?
  3. Blistersoul

    I have Forgiven Jesus single

    Does anyone have these tracks in FLAC that they can share with me? No One Can Hold a Candle to You & The Public Image Thanks in advance. Blistersoul
  4. Blistersoul

    Suede is Not Dead compilation

    Back in the day, say 2006, there was a Suede B Sides compilation floating around, believe Soundofthenorth had posted. It was called Suede's Not Dead. It was extensive and exhaustive. I just wanted to see if anyone had it and could post links. I tried everyone on the old post, to no avail. Would...
  5. Blistersoul

    UK Buzz #004 How Is Now WAV

    I finally bought and ripped the UK Buzz #004 with the unique short edit of How Soon is Now? I have included the wav that has John Peel Intro and one without. Clocks in around 5:20. Enjoy.
  6. Blistersoul

    Work is a Four Letter Word (Edit)

    Was wondering if anyone has this in 320 or FLAC they could share. I have a 192, simply looking to upgrade. Any help would be appreciated. Blister
  7. Blistersoul

    Shakespeare's Sister Los Angeles 85

    Does anyone have this track ripped from the Rarities 2 disc that Spin magazine put out? I have looked at the archived posts, but all of the links were dead. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Blister
  8. Blistersoul

    Work is a Four Letter Word and a couple other tracks

    I appreciate all of the help I have received here. I did go through the NHS and they have been a HUGE help. But there are a couple other tracks I am trying to find: 1. Work is a Four Letter Word (edit) from the Girlfriend in a Coma 7" 2. How Soon is Now 5:30 Edit from UK Buzz 04 3. How Soon...
  9. Blistersoul

    Phil Brown Edits

    Does anyone know where I can secure copies of the How Soon is Now? and The Headmaster Ritual Phil Brown Edits? Any help would be appreciated. Blister
  10. Blistersoul

    That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore 7" Edit

    I promise, I will stop asking and I really thank anyone that has helped me. With that being said, does anyone have the shorter edit of That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore released on the 7"? Would love a 320 mp3 version. If you can help, please PM me. Thanks again for all of your kindness and...
  11. Blistersoul

    People Are The Same Everywhere (BBC live version 2011)

    Anyone have this vinyl rip and are willing to PM me? Thanks if you can help. Blister
  12. Blistersoul

    Meat Is Murder live EP FLAC search

    Does anyone have this one in FLAC? Found a website that had it posted at one time, but now gone. Specifically looking for these two tracks: William It Was Really Nothing (live Oxford 18/3/85) Miserable Lie (live Oxford 18/3/85)...
  13. Blistersoul

    Help with some B sides

    Hey all, I am on the hunt for some Live B sides. Most of these have been posted on here in the past, but links are all dead. Some of them are from We7, I believe. If you have them and are willing to share, please shoot me a PM. I would really appreciate it. The Youngest Was The Most Loved...
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