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    The Most Important Band In The World Right

    The Idles- "Toxic Masculinity" is their platform and it is about time!
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    NME: "Does Rock 'N' Roll Kill Braincells?!" - Billy Bragg (October 21, 2021); Smiths / Morrissey mentions

    In Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?!, we quiz an artist on their own career to see how much they can remember – and find out if the booze, loud music and/or tour sweeties has knocked the knowledge out of them. Talking about Boris Johnson... “He wanted to include Kirsty’s cover of it...
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    "6 Degrees Of Johnny Marr"

    Sirius XM 1st Wave's "Lust For List" is "6 Degrees Of Johnny Marr". Should be a great listen this morning at 9:00am (est). It also airs again on Sunday night at 1:00am (est) for the West Coast. The show will be on demand latter today.
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    eBay callouts thread

    This guy is selling the new "It's Over" 7" record that was on sale in Vegas for $150. He is now trying to sell it back to fans at $700! What a jerk bag. Calling this person out here on this site. Please don't buy this for $700. It will only encourage this person.
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    Looking for Vegas ticktes Sept 4 and 5th

    Looking for one Vegas ticket for Sept 4 or 5th. Preferably first 10 rows. Thanks..please PM me.
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    Vegas Shows in jeopardy (actually not)

    Since Morrissey is in England for the moment.... The President has has suspended flights from the UK without an exception from the government
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    Did anyone buy a signed Electronic "Disappointed" 12" off eBay?

    Did anyone buy this item off eBay early last month? I would gladly pay you much more for it than you paid. Please PM me if you are the one that bought it. It has great sentimental value to me.
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    The Mozster mentality

    What is up with all these so called friends of Morrissey always assuming he is a Monster? These latest comments by the silly producer guy and now Dave from General Public. Everyone is so obsessed with DRAMA that they have to make everything to be a spat or a slam at Morrissey. Sometimes it's...
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    Van Morrison on negative reaction to free speech

    Why are people not talking about Van Morrisson? This article is interesting in the fact that he says free speech is a problem now. Sounds familiar to Moz fans right now.
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    I just discovered Gene Loves Jezebel cover of Ask! WOW This is one of the best covers I have ever heard. Certainly hands down the best cover of "Ask".
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    Swear filter

    When are we going to get the "f*** The Simpsons" shirt in the Mozaporium??? Why is the F word censored on this site??? This site is all about free speech is it not?? This is a bit hypocritical? If you can censor my F bomb then you can't stop all this Morrissey hate on this site!!!!!!! David...
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    Stephen Kijak "Shoplifters Of The World" writer/director on Lust For List

    The writer/director of the new movie "Shoplifters Of The World", Stephen Kijak was on Sirius XM show "Lust For List" w/Lori Majewski this Saturday 4/3/21. Check out the list of songs he choose and a link to the show if you have Sirius...
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    Funniest Morrissey 1 liners

    My fave one-liner from Morrissey was when talking about "Ouija Board, Ouija Board" and if he had any interest in the occult. He said "the only contact I ever made with the dead was when I spoke to a journalist from The Sun"! :ROFLMAO:
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    Who is more punk? John Lydon or Donand Trump?

    Who do you think is more Punk Rock....? John or Donald?
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    Film "Nomadland" Smiths/Morrissey reference

    I was watching a "Nomadland" movie screener tonight and right at the start of the movie the main character goes to work at a Amazon factory. They are having lunch and a lady (Angela) has a bunch of Morrissey tattoos which they show on screen. She quotes "When your laughing and dancing and...
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    Billy Duffy of the Cult sells Morrissey Postcard

    Lot 10 - 1978 postcard from Morrissey to Billy. A snapshot into what would become the fertile musical scene of Manchester of the early 1980s. A postcard from a holidaying Steven Morrissey, later of course of The Smiths, to his friend and bandmate Billy Duffy circa 1978. Start price - £400...
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    Noel Gallagher on Smiths for Sirius Radio Show

    Noel said this before playing "How Soon Is Now", "When bands try to cover other bands..Two people that you should never try to cover are Morrissey and John Lydon. Because they are so original in know Johnny was such a wizard on the guitar...the way that he plays the guitar is...
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    WPINOYB official mug for sale

    Please PM with price if interested. This is not the one that was on the website, but the one that sold at only a handful of shows.
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    Last time "Fairytales of New York" was performed by Kirsty and Shane?

    Does anyone know when the last time "Fairytales of New York" was performed live? I saw the pair in 92' open for Morrissey and Kirsty died 8 years later. I can't find any video of the 92' performance or even later. Anyone have a clue on this one? Thanks!
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    Now many color vinyls of IANADOAC?

    It appears that the new release is on clear vinyl at the Moz Store. The indie record stores have the red vinyl. I assume that the majors will get the black vinyl version. Does anyone know of any other releases?
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