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  1. Pervomartovtsi

    How many of you have been called a racist?

    many times :(, most of them unjustified
  2. Pervomartovtsi

    Did you miss me?

    who are you?
  3. Pervomartovtsi

    tell us about the last Film you saw

    Re: tell us about the last Film you saw. xmen first class...nicely done
  4. Pervomartovtsi

    Do you believe in God (Or a HigherPower)...Yes or No ?

    not against sprituality, but totally against monotheisms and ignorance... no god for this buddy
  5. Pervomartovtsi

    where is the old guard?

    Re: set the record straight and how did you knew that?, I was a goner when you registered anyway thanks for the track MR BLAZE! oi! oi!
  6. Pervomartovtsi

    where is the old guard?

    so things are rough now... too bad hope sometime when we are dead, we gather in an alternate reality like in the lost finale(SPOILER)
  7. Pervomartovtsi

    where is the old guard?

    nice life, hehe, keep it that way and girl i'm a ghost, nice to meet you tho
  8. Pervomartovtsi

    where is the old guard?

    so sad, in 2006 this place was THE PLACE I'm cool, hoy bout you?
  9. Pervomartovtsi

    where is the old guard?

    what became of the likely lads and ladies, I can't recognize names in this forum anymoar :(
  10. Pervomartovtsi

    What song are you listening to right now?

    the best song for going to lazy off in the corner i'm only sleeppin by the beatles
  11. Pervomartovtsi

    Robby is still a total f***tard

    no he's not, he's almost nice
  12. Pervomartovtsi

    The official ART thread

    wow. this thread is so old, that makes me bones ache
  13. Pervomartovtsi

    Why is Margaret Thatcher disliked?

    read it in a history book and in some song, she let some irish men in a hunger strike die, that's quite far from what i would call human
  14. Pervomartovtsi

    What is one to do to meet Morrissey?

    maybe hijacking a boeing 747 full of cows and cute puppies, and threat with crashing it into some Peta HQ if he doesn't show, that should get his attention
  15. Pervomartovtsi

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    i think the last song Morrissey sang sounds exactly like the last one and the first one, and i bet it will sound like THIS one, and that is so sad, i used to love him but i will have to kill him
  16. Pervomartovtsi

    I'm going to Bolivia

    for a bunch of weeks, to feel the fresh air of the mountains, and the coke and sheep shit and the deer shine on me crazy diamond
  17. Pervomartovtsi

    Why is Margaret Thatcher disliked?

    cause she was a facist c*** nay?
  18. Pervomartovtsi

    I'm moving to Mauritania

    i love marihuana, quite similar
  19. Pervomartovtsi

    christian bale loses his sh**

    he was so thin in the machinist, and so sadic in american psycho, he's quite neat, i forgive him for being dirty mouthed
  20. Pervomartovtsi

    Which cartoon character do you most physically resemble?

    probably wolverine, i'm kind of small, muscular and furry...and sexy by the way
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