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  1. theboyracer

    For Sale: 2 Physical Tickets for Morrissey in San Francisco @ Regency Ballroom May 1

    This will be the last show on the tour. I cannot attend the make up. $155 for both tickets. I only accept paypal from verified users and will ship usps priority with tracking and delivery confirmation. Thanks.
  2. theboyracer

    Tempe, Arizona rescheduled To April 19

    I stopped by the venue earlier and was told the new date for Morrissey will be Friday April 19th.
  3. theboyracer

    Extra tickets for Sendai, Kawasaki, Tokyo Zepp x2

    Extra tickets for Kawasaki, Tokyo Zepp x2 My girlfriend and I have four extra tickets for the sold out Kawasaki show and two extra tickets for each of the Tokyo Zepp shows. Thanks.
  4. theboyracer

    CHEAP Seattle/Portland tickets

    Seattle and Portland physical tickets for sale for true Morrissey fans... We have 2 seattle tickets that are on the 6th row stage left.. $80 for the pair And we have one Portland ticket for $40... Will meet in person in Seattle for transaction.
  5. theboyracer

    Two standing Brixton - below face

    So I won't be able to comeback for the re-scheduled gigs, so I have quite a few extra tickets for sale. A have a pair of two, physical standing tickets for the Troxy. I paid close to 80 quid off see tickets. I'll let them go for 60 quid o.b.o. shipped via United States Postal Service 3-4...
  6. theboyracer

    A floor for Hartlepool

    Hello everyone. My two friends and I are here from the States (currently in Cambridge) and we're loooking for a floor to stay for the night in Hartlepool. We arrive in the morning of the show. All we need is a shower an floor to sleep for that night. Nothing else. We'll throw some quid for the...
  7. theboyracer

    Offical Manny Pacquiao VS Ricky Hatton May 2nd

    I am finish with this overrated poor excuse of a fighter. Retire and continue rooting for your mediocre club.
  8. theboyracer

    Anyone in London willing to rent us a room.

    Anyone in London willing to let 3 well groom, polite and respectable kids from the Morrissey community crash in their flat? We will pay you 30 pounds per day, to allow us to shower, and sleep on your floor. With the current economic recession, I hope that this offer will benefit both...
  9. theboyracer

    For sale - Harvey Keitel 91 Kill Uncle Shirt

    This shirt has been sitting in my closet for months now and I'm sure it's going to stay there for months. It's an Xl, but it's a true L in todays sizes. It's thin due to it being 17 years old, with no tears, rips, nor stretched collar.No yellowing anywhere, and has many gigs left to attend...
  10. theboyracer

    Melbourne,Fl:Row N #42,44 Pair 4 CHEAP

    Hello, I have a pair of tickets for the Melbourne Florida show for this Wednesday.They are in Orchestra,Row N and are seats 43 and 44.Both tickets came out to $165 after fees, but since we're in the Morrissey community and take care of each other, all we're asking is for 100 obo for the...
  11. theboyracer

    Anyone in Balitmore

    Care to let me stay on your floor tomorrow(10/30) evening? I arrive tomorrow at 2:30 in the afternoon and I no longer have a place to stay for that evening.I really don't want to sleep on the street to start off these final gigs...I'll be gone early in the morning to que up. Anyone? Thank...
  12. theboyracer

    wanted:ticket for 9/27 Fillmore

    I left my batch of tickets back at home for the San Francisco gigs.Though theres still a small amount of tickets left at the box office, I'd rather buy one of someone in the que so that they won't have an unused ticket... Give me a call: 480-254-2159 Thank you - Eduardo
  13. theboyracer

    Request : A Taste Of Honey DVD

    Hello friends. Can someone please direct me, or sell/trade me a copy of this movie for an american dvd player. I had a friend many years ago that had one,so region 2 has to exist. I am paypal ready and verified. Seeing it once , but reading the play over and over is a drag...
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