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    I'm finally finished. I decided, something like two years ago, to listen to and rank the sound quality of all the Smiths and Morrissey bootlegs I have. It's something like 500-600 shows. I don't think I realized the time investment that would be. I've filled up my 160gb iPod, twice, going...
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    Comment by 'MozRecording' in 'Scared and Tired'

    Some of the best advice I ever got was not to read about medicine side effects on the web before and shortly after taking a new med. Most of the stuff you will find is from people who didn't like it or had troubles. The people who it works for don't post stuff normally. Get a Dr you trust...
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    Came here to check on you and saw your post. Let us know if we can help with anything.
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    Yep. 94065 here. I'm at the Steelhead Brewery in Burlingame nearly every Saturday for lunch, with your zip I'm sure you know the place. Love their IPA on cask.
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    Changing all the concert downloads from one host to another. I have to redo all the links. What a pain. Still needs to be done.
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    18 miles south of SF. If you live more than 5 miles from me I would be surprised. Must be within a small radius of [email protected]
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    You guys look a little blue.
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    We're near Redwood Shores. Lots of good rides on the trail.
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    Sort of looks like Coyote Point.
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    Sorry to hear.
  11. MozRecording

    Here we go again!

    Two more days. Recording gear all ready. Without a job or money I could only get a general seating ticket this time. Wonder how the recording turns out. Hopefully not too bad.
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    Good luck.
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    Comment by 'MozRecording' in 'i can sink much lower than usual...'

    I got those really bad. Like an electrical frequency that zipped back and forth between my ears but traveling along the curve of my head. Those were the worst. I found that reducing the dose in smaller increments helped with that.
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    Comment by 'MozRecording' in 'i can sink much lower than usual...'

    Paxil (what I took) is a first generation SSRI. One of it's side effect that I got was sudden weight gain (~40lbs within a few months of starting it). It took me several years to figure it out though. Lexapro is a second generation SSRI with fewer side effects. The folks that I know who had...
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    Comment by 'MozRecording' in 'i can sink much lower than usual...'

    Paxil helped me a great deal with the same issues. If I needed it again I'd probably consider one of the newer meds like Lexapro. Just a thought if the herb ones end up not doing the trick for you.
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    Comment by 'MozRecording' in 'I`ve Been Here Before'

    Please ask someone for help.
  17. MozRecording

    Morrissey, Finally

    Wow, this snuck up on me. After months of postponements, cancelations and rescheduling, I just realized I get to see a show on Monday and anther Saturday. Can't wait! I'll try and record them and hope they come out better than some of my other attempts.
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    Comment by 'MozRecording' in 'Favorite Films from the United Kingdom'

    "Monty Python's Life of Brian (Have not seen it.)" OMG
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    Dangit, now I have to buy that reissue....
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    Been trying to get off this anti-anxiety drug Paxil. Holy f*** does its withdrawal mess up your head. It's like "oh, so you're anxious about everything for no reason, well here's weird electrical sounds in your head. anxious now? ok, how about everything pisses you off instantly now? come...
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