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  1. kissmyshadestoo

    Marr pic info and question

    Does anyone know the year this is from? It says "Marr at 16" but that seems off although I could be wrong. Just don't recall him wearing "shoes" like that during his time in The Smiths: Also, has he ever confirmed that he did this show with Siouxsie from 1988? I would think he would've...
  2. kissmyshadestoo

    Smiths and other t-shirts

    Stumbled across this site and ordered recently, quality merch. They have a Smiths shirt up (and have other bands up like New Order, etc) Check em out here: Happy Shopping. KMS2
  3. kissmyshadestoo

    Johnny Marr "Would You Rather..."
  4. kissmyshadestoo

    Peter Hook auctioning off Joy Division items (Rourke mention)

    Mentions Andy Rourke: "You seem to really enjoy doing these tours with the Light. I’ve really enjoyed it. While the cases were going on, it was the most depressing thing I’ve ever been through in my life. I remember [the Smiths’] Andy Rourke telling me once that the case against Morrissey and...
  5. kissmyshadestoo

    "This Charming Man" played live by Johnny Marr - 9th Dec. London

    Link posted by Famous when dead: Shoplifterromo sends the link: Johnny Marr gives London an ‘English indie panic attack’ by playing The Smiths’ ‘This Charming Man’ live for the first time as a solo artist -
  6. kissmyshadestoo

    Seymour Stein book "Siren Song" includes The Smiths

    Johnny/Morrissey on cover! Siren Song: My Life in Music Hardcover – June 12, 2018 - Amazon by Seymour Stein (Author), Gareth Murphy (Author) Description: The autobiography of America’s greatest living record man: the founder of Sire Records and spotter of rock talent from the Ramones to...
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    Bands you can't "get"

    I try to broaden my musical tastes as much as possible. Stuff I wasn't into as a "kid" I am now into.....that being said, I still don't "get" (understand) certain bands. That list includes: -Nick Cave -Pogues Not flaming or criticizing them or their followers, just never understood 'em...
  8. kissmyshadestoo

    Happy 30th to Strangeways...

    ....I hate getting old!
  9. kissmyshadestoo

    Newcastle 1985?

    Saw this on FB today, on the group "Johnny Marr: Ode to a Godlike Genius". Poster seemed to think this might be a release like "Rank"?
  10. kissmyshadestoo

    Fake news?

  11. kissmyshadestoo

    Hooky of Joy Division/New Order discusses his bass guitars

    Also: Peter Hook of Joy Division & New Order on Finding his Tone
  12. kissmyshadestoo

    Peter Hook (New Order) book signing

    4 dates in US only so far: Brooklyn NY and LI NY and SF CA and LA CA. Details here:
  13. kissmyshadestoo

    The Smiths – the stories behind all 27 of their provocative album and single Sleeves

    Not sure if this was ever posted but thought it might be of interest for all here: And after further review, they are pretty amazing....
  14. kissmyshadestoo

    30 years ago today...

    ....Smiths play their last UK gig:
  15. kissmyshadestoo

    Johnny Marr on whether The Smiths will reunite - CBS News with Anthony Mason

    Guitarist Johny Marr on whether The Smiths will reunite - CBS News Excerpt: “What fans get surprised at sometimes is they assume you’ve been offered gazillions of dollars to get back together, and they can’t believe you won’t take it,” Mason said. “We have been offered gazillions of dollars...
  16. kissmyshadestoo

    Marr Interview (with nice pic)
  17. kissmyshadestoo

    Marr mentioned in new Iggy Pop documentary

    I know there is a blurb about Iggy seeing Marr in Johnny's book.....Iggy mentions Johnny in his documentary: "Pop is promoting the last of a string of big endeavors this year after a new...
  18. kissmyshadestoo

    Johnny Marr on close relationships in The Smiths, Paul McCartney advice after split (BBC Music, MEN)

    Johnny Marr chats to Simon Mayo about his autobiography 'Set The Boy Free': 'I was a good judge of character' Johnny Marr on the close relationships during the early days of The Smiths - BBC Music Johnny Marr chats to Simon Mayo about his autobiography 'Set The Boy Free'. Johnny Marr reveals...
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