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  1. count_pipe

    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Believe me when I said how difficult is to find a Morrissey LP of the 90' here in Chile. Yet, what can I say? Today was my lucky day!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm very, very, VERY happy with these three UK Vinyl :D
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  3. count_pipe

    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    "25 Live" and... well, two legends
  4. count_pipe

    Brazil, Argentina Morrissey shows still on according to promoter

    According to the promoter, Colors, here in Chile the concerts were practically sold out, the seven!! In Peru remain the 10% of the tickets
  5. count_pipe

    Chile dates posted including free concert in Santiago; promo poster

    Here's in Chile this is the promo vid :)
  6. count_pipe

    Peru, Chile and Argentina dates in July -

    South America - 7 June 2013 South America Morrissey will play three shows in Peru, eight shows in Chile and one show in Argentina during July. Full details of venues will be announced within a day or two. Kristeen Young will accompany as support. There are presently no plans...
  7. count_pipe

    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    I don't usually post the things that I bought of Morrissey or Smiths, but in this case I'm very, very happy with this... can't believe I found this vinyl here, in Chile :D imagen jpg
  8. count_pipe

    Morrissey Live at the Hollywood High School (EAGLE VISION ANNOUNCE)

    According to Eagle Vision TV Spring 2013 catalog (page 9)... It seems that the concert film from the Hollywood High School in LA will be released :thumb: MORRISSEY Live in L.A. One of music’s most enigmatic and intriguing figures returns to centre-stage. Morrissey’s prolific career as a solo...
  9. count_pipe

    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Items of the last seven days... I'm very VERY happy with them :D (You can't imagine the difficult to find this items here in Chile) The Smiths... Best 1 And... "Viva Hate" LP 2012 & "Southpaw Grammar" Limited Ecolbook Edition
  10. count_pipe

    Kill Uncle Re-Issue Artwork Thread

    This is my personal contribution :o
  11. count_pipe

    Full show of viña del mar in HD.

    That was the FIRST time I saw him, in the Festival of my country :) ... words can describe my feelings that night. I'm very happy, because you can see he was having a nice time.
  12. count_pipe

    Re-releases: Viva Hate and Suedehead

    Great!! BUT, this confirms the LP is only 1... So, what's the true? Only 1 or 2 Heavyweight LP??? :confused:
  13. count_pipe

    Re-releases: Viva Hate and Suedehead

    So... I'm not a LP expert, but why put 12 tracks on TWO Heavyweight LP?? :confused: I mean, 3 song on each side? ... Just curiosity ;)
  14. count_pipe

    some thought about Scandinavia

    No, the best quality version (ever) was here, in Chile :)
  15. count_pipe

    Santiago - Movistar Arena (Feb. 26, 2012) post-show

    I can do that, but in Spanish... It really boring translate to English ;)
  16. count_pipe

    Santiago - Movistar Arena (Feb. 26, 2012) post-show

    Just return... AMAZING; the SETLIST was: 1- First of the Gang to Die 2- You're the one for me, Fatty 3- Alma Matters 4- You Have Killed me 5- Ouija Board 6- There is a Light that Never Goes Out 7- Everyday is Like Sunday 8- I Will see you in Far-off Places 9- Action is my Middle Name 10- I'm...
  17. count_pipe

    Morrisey is already in Chile.

    Two more pictures of Morrissey going out of the Hotel TODAY !!!!!!!!! :D Credits of the photos to Faby Muñoz :thumb:
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