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  1. CrystalGeezer

    Knitted dolls by The Cat's Mother featured on Boing Boing, Consequence of Sound

    I was pleasantly surprised they featured her knitted dolls on a blurb, I read their feed daily! :sweet: These knitted Morrissey dolls are pretty great - Boing Boing Also: This Charming Doll: Superfan is selling knitted Morrissey dolls - Consequence of Sound. Link posted by an anonymous...
  2. Belligerent Ghoul

    Start A Vicious Rumor

  3. Belligerent Ghoul

    What would you like to stuff into Morrissey's stocking

  4. Belligerent Ghoul

    "Madness stars still angry over Morrissey gig walkout" - Daily Express

    Madness stars still angry over Morrissey gig walkout - Daily Express MADNESS stars GRAHAM 'SUGGS' MCPHERSON and CHRIS FOREMAN are still annoyed singer MORRISSEY walked out of their 1992 reunion shows because the incident cast a shadow over the band's comeback. The former The Smiths frontman...
  5. Belligerent Ghoul

    The 10 Most Mexican Morrissey/Smiths Songs of All Time - Phoenix New Times The question continues to get asked: Why do Mexicans like Morrissey so much? The short answer is the music: as I wrote in 2002, "For all the machismo and virulent existentialism that...
  6. Belligerent Ghoul

    "Morrissey's idol: Celebrating Shelagh Delaney Day" - BBC News

    Morrissey's idol: Celebrating Shelagh Delaney Day - BBC News She dazzled Broadway with a play she wrote at the age of just 18 and inspired music by rock legend Morrissey. But many believe Shelagh Delaney has never been given the recognition she deserves - until now. Related item: Smiths walk...
  7. Belligerent Ghoul

    What was the first album you ever bought ? Bonus: Has it stood the test of time, your time ?

    related but not the same:
  8. Glamourous Glue

    Morrissey interview in Hürriyet Kelebek (Turkish)

    Morrissey: Cinsel hayatım koca bir cahillikten ibaret - Hürriyet Kelebek November 22, 2014. Interview by Ali Tufan Koç. (Turkish) I tried to translate some parts and sorry about my spelling :o Here is an excerpt: Ali Tufan: You consider eating meat as "big murder". When and how did you decide...
  9. Belligerent Ghoul

    Pop Quiz, 30 Things You Should Know @ The Smiths, Vote For Your Favorite Song - Man. Evening News
  10. A

    Smiths and Morrissey convention to be held in Salford (Apr. 12, 2015)

    An anonymous person writes: Held at The Kings Arms in Salford on April 12th and featuring These Charming Men. The Smiths and Morrissey fan convention to be held in Salford - Manchester Evening News Fans of The Smiths will gather to share their love of the cult band at a convention in the city...
  11. Belligerent Ghoul

    YouGov Prove Radiohead Fans Are Boring, Morrissey Fans Are Earnest Vegetarians, and Old Women YouGov Prove That Radiohead Fans Are Boring, Morrissey Fans Are Earnest Vegetarians, and Old Women Love Kasabian by Joe Zadeh, Noisey Vice excerpt: Meat is murder etc. etc., and it seems that Morrissey fans are happy...
  12. Belligerent Ghoul

    Fandom: How does posting here change, alter, impact your experience of Morrissey ?

    I could write an essay. You won't read it. Surely some peer-reviewed papers have been written on the subject of fandom and forums (and forgive me if this has been done before, KP). Not a poll (shock). What I would like to know, and please broaden this out as much as possible, is that is...
  13. Belligerent Ghoul

    TTY - Morrissey statement - Hannover, Germany

    Hannover, Germany - Following the recent predictable attacks of influenza, both the team and I were ecstatic at last night's reception at Hannover. We are very grateful to the crowd for such a huge boost, and we are thrilled to resume what has (sneezes aside) been a triumphant...
  14. Uncleskinny

    Morrissey and Marr both give permission for TIALTNGO to be used in Salford play

    Morrissey and Marr say YES to new play at The Lowry Salford - SalfordOnline To obtain the rights to perform any Smiths song in a dramatic piece of work is extremely rare – in fact it may never have been granted before according to Performing Rights Society (PRS). However, Morrissey and Marr...
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