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  1. sad veiled bride

    annus horribilis (?)

    January: left my husband - found a house to move to with my kids –started the hardest job I have ever done in my professional career- all at once February: moved house, back to the start, bruised. March: loneliness, more than ever in my life April: loneliness, except for maybe one night...
  2. sad veiled bride


    With the key inside your mouth Lie on my floor Kiss the hidden scar And force the door Now the scars are more and more All over mind, body and soul And no man could kiss them all No one will ever kiss them all
  3. sad veiled bride

    I can't help quoting you

    "Some things never change, and men being cruel seems like one of them." From my private day -I hope- I'll delete it just as you deleted me and my dignity/self-esteem/trust etc...Until that day comes I just can't help quoting you. Because those words sound true. They are true...
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  5. sad veiled bride

    Comment by 'sad veiled bride' in 'Oh Solo Mio!'

    ...great title, really!!
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