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  1. Happy Maudlin

    Boston, MA (Orpheum Theatre, Dec. 7) added; on sale Sep. 22 - Ticketmaster

    Never tried that. Perhaps should of. I got balcony tickets for the Boston show. Might upgrade when my finances are bettered.
  2. Happy Maudlin

    Morrissey's 8 Most Offensive Comments - Paste Magazine

    Not really disagreeing with this, thanks for presenting your perspective.
  3. Happy Maudlin

    what made you frown today?

    The realization at the futility of my existence. I am completely disposable.
  4. Happy Maudlin

    Morrissey's 8 Most Offensive Comments - Paste Magazine

    He really was just speaking the distilled truth. It's really not a choice of both groups though, as everyone should know by now...
  5. Happy Maudlin

    Morrissey and shyness - "Shrinking Violets" - a BBC4 Extra documentary

    YES. I am an enneagram type 5, specifically 5w4 which is a pretty withdrawn type, tending more toward isolationist tendencies. Think more like Bjork, David Byrne or Laurie Anderson type. I can be shy but I'm guarded with or without reserve. I guess I just don't have a high opinion of people.
  6. Happy Maudlin

    What are your top 10 favorite male singers?

    Again, in no particular and for nonexistent god's sake, is not exhaustive: David Bowie Mark Lanegan Jeffrey Lee Pierce Elliott Smith Lou Reed Brian Eno Bryan Ferry Jacques Brel Morrissey Neil Tennant
  7. Happy Maudlin

    What are your top 10 favorite female singers?

    I approve of this list and of Anja Plaschg
  8. Happy Maudlin

    What are your top 10 favorite female singers?

    In no particular order PJ Harvey Elizabeth Fraser Beth Gibbons Kate Bush Tori Amos Diamanda Galas Sibylle Baier Joni Mitchell Fiona Apple Kristin Hersh
  9. Happy Maudlin

    Jack Lowden pictured as Morrissey

    I don't see the appeal. Hopefully, they will gussy him up, I can see a slight resemblance of Morrissey in him.
  10. Happy Maudlin

    What happened? Is it Morrissey?

    No, you're still here and Worm used to post awhile back. Crystal Geezer remained afterward...
  11. Happy Maudlin

    Soko posts photo with Morrissey pillow on Instagram

    Soko is a French actress turned indie pop musician. She released an album in 2012 "I thought I was an alien" or something. Worth checking out, for me anyway.
  12. Happy Maudlin

    TTY: Morrissey groped at San Francisco International Airport

    I step away from Morrissey Solo for awhile, then in a moment of serendipity, I return to find this. Bless this site.
  13. Happy Maudlin

    Dream Pop and Shoegaze

    Love both of these crazy mofos
  14. Happy Maudlin

    Dream Pop and Shoegaze

    I focking love bel canto.
  15. Happy Maudlin

    What is currently your favorite television show(s)?

    I have great affection for True Blood, which is ending next week.
  16. Happy Maudlin

    "World Peace..." review (National Review)

    I think it's high time to admit my unabashed like for Armond White and his reviews. I enjoying seeing things from his perspective and he is often the voice of reason amidst the fanboyism that replaced level-headed and informed film criticism years ago. I know that he had pronounced admiration...
  17. Happy Maudlin

    Miley Cyrus and her band do The Smiths

    You mean sacred? I will watch the video I just have to prepare myself, ya know, mentally for the horror that will be induced by hearing this ill-fitting cover first-hand
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