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  1. rivum

    Greed Magazine, 1987

    something I came across today, although it was first published in 1987. Good for a laugh. From Greed Magazine (which I hadn't heard of until now -
  2. rivum

    Oh how I wish this were the actual video

    **EDIT** hmmm..have no idea what's up with the sound. here's a link to the facebook video that should work fine!
  3. rivum

    Who else has Moz dreams?

    had a dream last night whereby I was required to "pinch hit" for Moz at one of his shows. For whatever reason, he decided he didn't want to wear himself out by doing the gig so I was to sing for the entire show. He was there, though. Of course, aside from the opening tune How Soon Is Now...
  4. rivum

    Info about stage times for Morrissey in Toronto from the venue

    I reached out to the Sony Centre to try to determine if there was an opening act for his Toronto dates and this is the info I received... no idea what the "film" is all about, but I'm anxious to find out! It must be of significant length to not perform until an hour and a half later! *EDIT*...
  5. rivum

    Spring 2019 Canada Tour (8 dates) announced

    UPDATE: 9th show added: Vancouver Orpheum Theatre - second show added (Apr. 14, 2019) Just got notification that Moz is playing in Toronto at the Sony Centre on April 26, 2019 and April 27, 2019! looks like many other dates lined up too...
  6. rivum

    Morrissey will continue to never tour Canada again once he gets wind of this... excerpt: "For this holiday season, Tagaq’s record label, Six Shooter Records, is offering a vinyl edition of her Retribution album that comes with a couple of cuffs made from seal fur in support of...
  7. rivum

    petition to have morrissey stop touring

    someone has had enough.
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