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  1. bored

    Jim Jim Falls - youtube music suicide warning

    I currently cannot play this song on youtube music (not youtube the video app) except on my phone after accepting the Viewer Discretion warning about it having suicide content in it. I cannot play it on my google nest mini speaker or in my browser on a laptop at Anyone else...
  2. bored

    Song lengths for IANADOAC

    By googling the album title I found this: Sorry if this is redundant. I haven't seen it elsewhere but I haven't looked everywhere.
  3. bored

    Support act for Johnny Marr?

    Does Johnny Marr have an opener on his US tour that he is on right now?
  4. bored

    4 Tickets for Worcester 24 June 2015 - 7th Row Orchestra

    I paid $90 for them. I will sell them for $80. Tickets can be bought as either 2 or 4. I will be at the show and can meet there to deliver them. There are no e-tickets for this event.
  5. bored

    Who makes these replicas? What are they really worth? I see these for lots of records I like and I think a mock gold record is kind of interesting but it makes me curious as to the source of such items. Any info is...
  6. bored

    Lisbon and the show is on

    Getting some updates from vivahate72 via twitter. TQID Speedway + a pic so far.
  7. bored

    Paolo Coehlo quote/Neal Cassady Drops Dead lyric

    I stumbled across this quote from Paolo Coehlo... “I can choose either to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It's all a question of how I view my life.”
  8. bored

    Dont f*** it up Larry

    Moz hit's Larry, Kansas tonight. Let's see if we can get a full show. Maybe Istanbul will make it's live debut tonight. I hope so. Enjoy folks but play nice.
  9. bored

    No longer a moderator

    Hi all, Over the past couple years my time on this site has dropped dramatically. While some of you might think that makes for a pretty effective moderator ;) ... it doesn't. I enjoyed working with David and the other mods for a long time but some new faces who will be more active are...
  10. bored

    Second kick drum not even mic'd They added the 2nd kick drum in the previous leg of the tour and I always wondered how much use did it really get. I think the answer might be none. In this picture you can see the extra one has no mic but the...
  11. bored

    3 days until Belgium and no word on a drummer

    I'm sure by now they have someone that they have been rehearsing with. I haven't heard anything. Did I miss something or has there been no update on this?
  12. bored

    American coverage of Man City vs Man U

    In America they never talk about "soccer" unless it's the world cup or occasionally Man U as the owner also owns an NFL team but today ESPN moved the game to their main channel and they even made a special graphic for the top story on their website. Pretty interesting seeing as they never...
  13. bored

    any feeds for the concert tonight outside of the brazil based one?

    looking to watch on another site like twitch tv or something.
  14. bored

    Question: Morrissey on Tony the Pony

    I was looking at which is a great site for tidbits about songs and for Tony the Pony it says this: Does anyone know the source of that quote?
  15. bored

    Morrissey now listed on the William Morris Entertainment "roster" Right now there is no link to any details yet but that list has a lot of huge names on it. EDIT: Apparently he's been on there for months. Someone else posted this link a while back. Strange he announced it on TTY as news unless...
  16. bored

    About 1 week left on the tour.. what's next?

    The last date of the tour is about a week away. Will Morrissey add more dates? Will he get a record deal? Will he just go and vanish for a while? Will it be something else? What's next?
  17. bored

    Did Morrissey lie to sell more tickets?

    Here are some quotes from True to You: March 8th: The Cheltenham date will now not take place, and once a substitute venue has been found then these shall constitute the only Morrissey concerts in the UK for this year. April 14th: Morrissey will play the Glastonbury Festival on Friday...
  18. bored

    Is anyone going to be posting from the show?

    Someone should post the songs as they are played. That was pretty cool last tour when that happened, especially on the first night.
  19. bored

    What is best download for 86 G-MEX?

    Looking for the FM broadcast of this show with the least amount of interruptions and best possible sound quality... Thanks!
  20. bored

    James at Paradise Boston

    Anyone going?
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