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  2. Uncleskinny

    Johnny Marr mentions the secret plans for a Smiths disco album - Q&A in The Guardian

    Q: "Tell us a secret" A: "The Smiths were planning a disco album." Weblink here: Q&A: Johnny Marr - The Guardian

    Morrissey Hot Press magazine interview forthcoming (Aug. 7) and concert report - TTY

    2 August 2014 Hot Press - Morrissey has been interviewed by Ireland's Hot Press magazine. It is his only interview for World Peace Is None Of Your Business, and it is available on August 7th (Thursday). Morrissey is finalising plans for concerts in Athens (Greece), Istanbul...

    Does success in one genre guarantee it in another? -

    Novelists writing ballads? Song-writers dashing off novels? What does it all mean? - Excerpt: "Morrissey’s recent announcement that he is midway through his first novel came with a blunt rationale. Last year’s Autobiography, Morrissey noted, “was more successful than any...

    Kevin Cummins’ "Manchester Reigns" exhibition (Jan. 24 - Feb. 22, 2014) features Morrissey

    Handsome devils: Photography exhibition pays homage to Manchester legends Ian Curtis, Morrissey and more - Mancunian Matters By Richard O’Meara The Manchester legend who captured iconic images of Joy Division, The Stone Roses, Morrissey, among others, is bringing a selection of his favourite...

    Satellite Of Love: Heavyweight 12-inch disc, 7-inch picture disc - TTY

    Satellite of love by Morrissey is finally available in physical formats on January 27. A heavyweight 12-inch disc, a 7-inch picture disc and a digital download each bearing different b-sides will be buyable through the usual HMV and Amazon outlets.

    Q&A: Boz Boorer, Singer-Songwriter and chief Morrissey collaborator -

    Q&A: BOZ BOORER, SINGER-SONGWRITER AND CHIEF MORRISSEY COLLABORATOR - Las Vegas Weekly Boz Boorer has been Morrissey’s musical right-hand man (that’s co-songwriter, guitarist and musical director) for almost 23 years. Which means he did it 18 years longer than guitarist Johnny Marr did during...

    Autobiography by Morrissey has returned to the number 2 position in the UK paperback chart Having dropped to the number 3 position, Autobiography by Morrissey has returned to the number 2 position in the UK paperback chart. This will be the book's fourth week at number 2 following five weeks at number 1.

    Morrissey tattoo project: "To Me You Are A Work of Art" upcoming book -

    Pictures of Smiths & Morrissey tattoos needed for new book; photo shoot in NYC Sunday - "To Me You Are A Work of Art" is a photo project in search of anyone with tattoo(s) related to, or inspired by, Morrissey and/or The Smiths. The photographs will profile fans and all their...

    'Autobiography' is No.1 on the UK national paperback chart for the fifth consecutive week - TTY

    19 November 2013 Autobiography by Morrissey is number 1 on the UK national paperback chart for the fifth consecutive week -

    "The world won't listen" - statement from Morrissey at

    18 November 2013 The world won't listen - Morrissey on Melissa Bachman killing a lion, animal rights, royals, the Malvinas, Russell Brand

    Morrissey: The night this charming man came to Wales -

    Morrissey’s autobiography lifts the lid on the Smiths days... but omits the infamous Newport gig when he ended up in casualty - Excerpt: It’s a night that’s gone down in indie-rock legend, the outspoken vocalist being yanked offstage by over-zealous fans, only to land on...

    Article: Morrissey's "Autobiography" remains the number 1 selling paperback/softcover in the UK for

    Chart news - 29 October 2013 Morrissey's Autobiography remains the number 1 selling paperback/softcover in the UK for the second week. Alex Ferguson's autobiography is #1 in total sales this week: Alex Ferguson beats rivals, smashes sales records - The Bookseller Excerpt...

    'Oh Lou / why did you leave us this way?' - Morrissey statement at

    'Oh Lou / why did you leave us this way?' - 27 October 2013 'Oh Lou / why did you leave us this way?' No words to express the sadness at the death of Lou Reed. He had been there all of my life. He will always be pressed to my heart. Thank God for those, like Lou, who move...

    Morrissey's "Autobiography" has entered the UK book chart at number 1 - TTY

    UPDATE 6:45 PM PT: MORRISZEY sends a link with more detail: Morrissey tops charts - The Bookseller Excerpt: Morrissey's much-anticipated Autobiography (Penguin Classics) has become one of the fastest-selling memoirs since official sales records began. The £8.99 paperback publication sold...
  16. King Leer

    UK comedian Peter Serafinowicz sings the first two pages of Morrissey's "Autobiography"

    MORRIZSEY posts the link to the video for the second page:

    Smiths fan shows flower Morrissey tossed into Hacienda crowd in 1983 -

    Bill Mather lovingly preserved the flower after scooping it up at a 1983 Smiths gig and it is among other gig memorabilia -

    Big Hard Excellent Fish - And The Question Remains

    In 1989 dancer Michael Clark approached Josie Jones and Jake Walters of Big Hard Excellent Fish to write a piece of music for his forthcoming work with the Phoenix Dance Company. Josie Jones, formerly of Pete Wylie's Mighty Wah! asked Pete to work with them on this and the 'Imperfect List' was...

    Johnny Marr on Smiths influence, writing lyrics - interview in

    Johnny Marr: ‘I’ve always had a blind spot to the music of Queen’ - Metro Smiths-related excerpts: Did you enjoy writing the lyrics? Absolutely. It wasn’t something I hadn’t done before – I just set it aside a long time ago. I’d written lyrics in bands I was in before The Smiths and I’d...
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