1. E

    Queen Is Dead - Live Spotify singles fan artwork

    In the tradition of my supplying my own covers to this forum (and probably also, in the tradition of my posting things in the wrong places, for which I apologise), here's artwork I made to contain the 10 live singles released on Spotify last year in the run up to the QID deluxe set. The cover...
  2. Mauricey

    Morrissey illustration

    Check out my new Morrissey illustration. Bit of a labour of love - hope you like it!
  3. M

    The Smiths Collectors Shop: Original The Smiths Promo Posters on sale and soon more items

    The Smiths Collectors Shop: Original The Smiths Promo Posters and more! Hi, After some years of collecting them I'm selling some of my originals posters on my The Smiths website in the new page Collectors Shop I have not put up them all yet but you can find several now. LOOK OUT, they...
  4. M

    "Half a Person" Bust Candle
  5. Chicago


    I'm selling my first edition paperback copy of Peepholism: Into the Art of Morrissey. The photos in this book are amazing. I have it listed on eBay. Thanks! :)
  6. Tbevie

    Prints of my Morrissey drawings are now available.

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to post this here and it’s a little bit embarrassing advertising my own work but a few people on the Morrissey Artwork thread have expressed an interest in owning some of my drawings. This is of course a huge compliment but as I’ve explained to a few people these...
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