1. countthree

    Cubans are being massacred #SOSCuba

    Cubans are being massacred, there's an ongoing genocide in the island. This is the fourth day in which Cubans are protesting asking for freedom, food and medicines. The repression from the government is even more cruel and bloody than the usual repression that exists in this prision island...
  2. M

    Petition for Morrissey to be given the Freedom of Manchester Please sign. We need 10,000 signatures. Make it happen! :thumb:
  3. T

    The Berlin Wall: 20 Years Later

    The Legacy of 1989 Is Still Up for Debate The events of 1989 spurred a striking transformation of Europe, which is now whole and free, and a reunified Germany, milestones that are being observed with celebrations all over the continent, including a French-German extravaganza Monday evening on...
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