1. M

    'Hand in Glove' Original Promo Poster 12"x24" (30X60cm)

    Hi, I have cut down the price of 'Hand in Glove' Original Poster to £625. Available at http://thesmiths.cat/shop/Smiths-original-posters If more info or pictures needed please send me an email to [email protected] NOTE: The clear lines on the picture of the model are due to the scanner of...
  2. ExclamationPoint

    Can you help me find a particular review of Hand in Glove

    Hey, board! I'm trying to find something I once read about "Hand in Glove" -- a review, an article about the first album, something. It made an argument that the the single wasn't as much of a hit as Morrissey thought it should be when it first came out, so through live performance, Peel shows...
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