1. Mauricey

    Morrissey illustration

    Check out my new Morrissey illustration. Bit of a labour of love - hope you like it!
  2. conchrisoulis

    "Tales of The Smiths" graphic novel biography by Con Chrisoulis is released (Mar. 22, 2018)

    Just a heads up to the community that I have finally received my 450-page behemoth early copy of TALES OF THE SMITHS - which is now available for pre-order: My graphic novel biography of The Smiths, TALES OF THE SMITHS, which was created and serialised online daily...
  3. J

    Desperately seeking Manchester-based fans for my final illustration project

    Hi everyone. my name is julia and I decided to create a fictional magazine that focuses on the relationship between classical literature on modern music. The Issue I'm going to create will be based on the Smiths/Morrissey and Oscar Wilde. Since I study in Germany at the moment (moving to San...
  4. a portrait of Morrissey

    a portrait of Morrissey

    portrait of Morrissey that I did for my illustration portfolio, hope you guys like it. Cheers.
  5. Esteban Patricio

    Esteban Patricio

    Just a handmade copy of a random picture of Morrissey. I admire him. / Sólo una copia, hecha a mano, de una foto cualquiera de Morrissey. Lo admiro. (Espero que les guste)
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