the smitns

  1. SuedeMoz

    Interview: Johnny Marr 1987 Strangeways, Here We Come

    Johnny Marr interview with a Los Angeles radio station a few weeks before the split of The Smiths. Very good info and one I had not heard before.
  2. kresnik2015

    Request: The Smiths/Morrissey songbooks?

    I'm trying to learn some songs so I decided to download some songbooks but they seems almost imposible to find! I already have 2 of them, louder than bombs and one of the Singles but I need more :( Can you guys share a link with me or something?
  3. iamstrangeways

    Smiths is Dead An all vinyl night of Smiths and Morrissey in Los Angeles 9/5/12

    This is going down tmrw (September 5th 2012) it's free all night and all vinyl! Los Angeles area come out! Here is the Facebook event page for more info and rsvp https!/events/245303858923559/
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