tour of refusal

  1. D

    Looking for poster of Tour of Refusal

    Hey guys, this is my first post here after following the forums for many years and I have a question for you. They had the Years of Refusal cover photo posters for sale in two different versions, the cheaper one for (I think) 5 euros and the more expensive one for about 20 or so euros. I was...
  2. Quiffaa

    Tour backdrop 'Pointing man' - Who is it?

    Any ideas? Did Moz refer to it ? Fed up with cigarred sailor and later the silver curtain? My presumption so far is (a private pic of) Klaus Nomi sans make-up. What do you think?
  3. LuckyLisp

    Official Tour Of Refusal 2009 T-Shirt (All you need is Morrissey t-shirt)

    Hello, I bought this t-shirt from the Hull gig on the 19th of May. I asked for a large, but when I got home it turned out it was a medium and it doesn't fit me. I've just bought the large one form the site and have no need for this one anymore. It's never been worn and it's as good as new. I'm...
  4. roknrolljesus

    Washington, DC Review

    from The Washington Post Live Last Night: Morrissey The Warner Theatre was the site of a unique phenomenon on Saturday night. No, not the scores of Morrissey fans who lunged their arms toward the stage with the hope that the iconic singer would simply reach down and touch them. It wasn't...
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