Best 'Best Of' Album?

Best 'Best Of' Album?

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  • Singles

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  • The Very Best Of The Smiths

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  • Best...1

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  • The Sound Of The Smiths

    Votes: 12 60.0%
  • The Best Of Morrissey - Suedehead

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  • Greatest Hits

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  • The Best Of Morrissey

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  • Very Best Of Morrissey

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Best 'Best Of' Album?
I must agree... Not hat I am trying to be so god damn agreeable.

I've never liked best-of collections. I dislike them strongly enough that I could not even tell you what's on any of the ones you've listed. Chances are that the majority share about 90% of the same songs though... I could certainly make educated guesses, but I have never actually heard or studied any of these compilations.

That said, I am not opposed to other types of compilations if well-compiled, I just don't like the constant re-packaging of the same songs we've heard a thousand times.
Not to mention, those best-of's from TS (or, more appropriately, the label) have some of the crappiest cover art ever. There's nothing exciting in them for me. As crazy as it sounds, BOC's typically only serve to burn me out or flat-out make me sick of popular singles... even in th case of The Smiths... shitty movie soundtracks do too...

I feel the same about [excessive] re-issues of albums as well... and I don't care if a RM "sounds better". I'll keep the original that sounds like shit. It has more of the special, non-existent mojo/magick/whatever that nerds like me crave.
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The Very Best Of The Smiths got me into The Smiths and Morrissey. I began listening to "There Is A Light" in the car on repeat, crying over a broken relationship.

Raphael Lambach

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All Morrissey's Best of... contains only EMI era songs which automaticly excludes Southpaw Grammar and Maladjusted songs. Of coursae there's also Greatest Hits but it belongs to Sanctuary years and few songs from V&I and VH. That's why I voted The Sound of The Smiths.


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In my opinion, The Smiths have some very good and well-rounded "best of" and "greatest hits" collections (two very different things). However, unfortunately, Morrissey has nothing of the sort for his solo recordings. I think the most solid solo "best of" is the America-only 'The Best of Morrissey', but I would be reluctant to recommend this to someone who might want a Morrissey "best of" because it doesn't feature anything from his three most recent albums. Sadly, 'The Very Best Of', which I actually think is an unfairly criticised little collection, doesn't feature anything from the last five albums, despite being the newest! 'Greatest Hits', which is the most career expansive, is also the most lopsided, focusing too much on two more recent albums. Considering how soon Morrissey released 'The Very Best Of' after 'Greatest Hits', this leads me to believe that the two are probably designed to compliment each other. From that perspective (ignoring the slight overlap with a couple of songs), I think it works.

Anyway, I voted for 'The Sound of The Smiths'.


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Eh. I'd have to go look at the track listings I guess. Instead I'll just say The Smiths "Singles". Lovely cover sleeve and every song's great. The solo years are too many to do one of these that's satisfactory without being too long to play in one sitting. I'd also rather be the one to decide what the best songs are. But putting all The Smiths singles on one disc is quite nice. That said, so many of my fave songs never make it on these sorts of compilations, I rarely play them. I pretty much only pull 'em out when I wanna make sure they don't have too much dust on 'em and are still looking clean and nice.
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