Boz in the US?



So we know Boz is DJ ing in la next month, but he's also bribing his record shop to LA, San Diego and Vegas.

Could this mean he will be here because of Moz, or am I totally wrong?


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I don't think it has anything to do with Morrissey. Boz is always working on other stuff when he's not touring or recording with Moz.

From Lyn Boorer's Facebook:

Hello Folks just to clarify so everyone gets what is going on...
Vinyl Boutique Pop up store at Boz's DJ gigs when we come to the USA in January - : you can purchase Vinyl Boutique merchandise from our London store without having to actually leave the USA or pay the extortionate postal cost to ship from London to America ..Its easy we bring Vinyl Boutique from the UK to USA and we all get to hang out at a club & have fun! LOVE IT...... Happy Days.....
Lyn x
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