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Review: Morrissey offers 12 covers, with very mixed results - AP


Morrissey delivers a dozen covers on his new album, “California Sun,” which reimagines works by such masters as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon as well as more obscure musicians.

It’s a bold move by the former Smiths singer, a sonic face-off against some of music’s giants. It deserves to be taken song by song and scored like a boxing bout over 12 rounds.

Who’s ready to rumble?
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Another pointless review. I think the reviewer is expecting a like-for-like with each songs, forgetting that a song can be interpreted or remade to suit whoever is singing it. If he prefers the original versions - fine, but very rarely does the reviewer hint that he is open for a cover to be, well, a cover.





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I can’t remember reading a good review on a moz album since quarry “ the biggest comeback since Elvis 68” was one headline. It’s so easy for these turkeys to belittle and mock moz and quiet fashionable to do so. One thing they never write about is the constant sell out tours that happen on a yearly basis. Not long now for the release and a very unhappy birthday to you olde boy, have a great week


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I actually don't think it's a bad review. Actually kind of fun. But I do not agree with it at all. I think the reviewer totally missed the magic of some of these songs. I've been enjoying this album so far much more than I expected!


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If you are to write a review and suggest it needs to be scored like boxing you should at least do the scoring right, 3-9? Rubbish.

For the record I score it 117 - 111 in favour of Morrissey


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I have a rule which says if the use of the phrase the pope of mope appears in the first paragraph then that's it for me,chucked it.why do they keep saying this,they obviously don't get the humour in the lyrics.
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