Couldn't agree more! - Making Superman bisexual is 'bandwagoning not brave' - actor Dean Cain


Cock of the north
"Making Superman bisexual is 'bandwagoning not brave' - actor Dean Cain"

"Cain, who played Superman on TV in the 1990s, said the move might have been "brave" 20 years ago, but not now.
"They said it's a bold new direction. I say they're bandwagoning," he said."

Superman should not be shagging
Tom, dick, or Sally...
He should be fighting super villains🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️


If this news upsets anyone that's enough to justify the decision. Maybe people will spend their time writing letters about this instead of interfering with the lives of real people that actually exist.
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