Dale Hibbert interview onstage in Manchester (Sep. 29, 2016)

Dale Hibbert is being interviewed onstage by Dave Haslam at Ply cafe bar in Manchester (26 Lever St, Manchester M1 1DW) on Thursday 29th September.

"Writer/DJ Dave Haslam interviews Dale Hibbert, bass-player in the first line-up of the Smiths, about his newly-published memoir 'Boy, Interrupted' which not only reveals much about Morrissey and Marr and the early days of the band, but also Dale's own intriguing, often troubled life before and since his days with the Smiths."

Dave Haslam Interviews Dale Hibbert - See Tickets

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Ben Budd

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I hope anyone who chooses to go has a wonderful time, and I am sure Mr Hibbert is a very nice man, but I'm personally not certain of the attraction of a sit down interview with a chap who was in The Smiths for roughly five minutes?

Nothing nice to say, say nothing at all etc, but I'm genuinely curious.


Personally I lost interest in the Smiths after Hibbert left. It just wasn't the same.

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