Dallas pre-show meetup?


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So, it's still unclear whether there will be a Dallas show, but there are two of us who are planning to fly in and we'll have to board our flights on Friday before the Houston show begins, so we're pretty much committed to coming to Dallas either way.

Is there anything interesting and tangentially-Morrissey related happening on Friday night? Are any others flying in from out of town? If so, we'd love to meet up.


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I don't know of anything. Watch in the lobby areas though, there might be people passing out flyers for after parties Saturday night at a local bar. Sometimes they'll do something Smiths/Moz themed. There's a bar called Strangeways not far from downtown, they do a lot of beer and I'm pretty sure it's named b/c the owner is/was a Smiths fan. I don't see anything on their FB page about any post or pre show stuff going on.


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Strangeways is indeed named after the album. The owner is a huge fan, and it's typically a good crowd. Great food, amazing beer selection.

There's also Movement Britpop Club tonight at Lee Harvey's just south of downtown. Not Morrissey-centric but always likely to play some Moz and Smiths in the mix. It's an outdoor venue with okay food and a decent bar.


Does he have an opening act?
Can't seem to find any intel online.
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