David Morrissey to voice "Autobiography" audio book - true-to-you.net

Seen via slicingupeyeballs and validated at TTY:

The Walking Dead's eyepatched mad man voices the unabridged book.
"3 November 2013
David reads Morrissey - true-to-you.net
Penguin Classics will release a complete and unabridged digital download of Morrissey’s Autobiography on 5 December 2013.
The audiobook is read by acclaimed actor David Morrissey."
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Will he be reading it word by word literally or is it some shorter edited version?

P.S. New to audiobooks and posting on the boards, be kind.


It's 'complete and unabridged', so it's literally every word.
David Morrissey has my sympathy when he gets to the court case section.


Thanks for clearing it up.

But what's up with that audible.com release date? Someone should write to them in order to get the proper day displayed. It is still the 5th or has it been pushed back to coincide with the release of "Satellite of Love" on the 2nd?

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