Dope Nostalgia Podcast #98: "Morrissey" (November 25, 2021)

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Ketamine Sun

It's not hard to be a Moz fan. Just play his records or stream them or whatever. :ROFLMAO:

Just an open heart and push of the play button is all you need.

Moz lovers or Moz haters, they need him just the same.



hand in glove

Life is never kind
It’s only difficult if you make it. I like what I like and if you have a problem with that, then tough titty. I don’t care. See? Easy.


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
He's not difficult to be a fan of. It's difficult to publicly be a fan of him, you risk being shamed
Maybe. The craven cancel culture don't need much of an excuse to hate someone. So why pander to people who see in black and white, think in right and wrong, hear in mono, and speak in the many tongues of the perpetually possessed?

Ketamine Sun

He's not difficult to be a fan of. It's difficult to publicly be a fan of him, you risk being shamed

Where do you go that you’ve been
or would risk being shamed for saying or showing that you like Morrissey?

Who are those people? And why does their opinion matter to you?


I do not understand how some may feel embarrassed because they like Morrissey, enough with the past Moz said some things that many did not like, but he did not speak again, forget the past live the present, the future and the past not exist .We live in the present always. I am more than proud to be a fan of Moz.Forgive Moz he is not racist, and does not support any politician. Stop it! Let's enjoy Moz who is alive Viva my Mozuchi!!! (Moz es Mas!!!!!!!!


Moz send me a picture, I miss you bebitoo!! Post something current for your Argentine girl fan!!


These are very sad people sitting around talking on and on about how he has changed. He hasn't he has been pissing people like these off since he was born and with any luck forever and ever on. Count the times they make it about themselves it says a lot.


Gear Changer
There are those who have never liked Morrissey from day one who use the present day press hyperbole to fuel their hate, then there are those who are so woke they have to criticise anyone with a different opinion - neither one means much to me.

Moz Fan

Sometimes he breaks my heart a little...

Sometimes he fills it with enchantment and joy...

I guess that's what love is about.


Never felt any pressure about being a morrissey fan. This might be because I spend zero time on social media this place aside


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You spend way too much time online if you believe people will interpret wearing a Morrissey shirt as anything other than 'this guy likes Morrissey's music'


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My Morrissey tote bags have been everywhere - theatres, shops, Labour Party meetings, protests, festivals. I've had a few people tell me they love him & no negativity at all.

Moz Posse

Where will he be now Los Angeles? England?
He is where he was born Moz Angeles, USA. He has not been in England since March 2020 where he played the only place in the world during lockdown, so he could get your foreigner money. The getting bread wearing black gloves and psycho bald pasty dude at the pob in England imposter photo shoots and the most recent photo shop Jean Collins book signing shows show how easily you psychos here can be duped, but I think it is hilarious and whatever gets more money for Califronia's Son makes us happy here in Moz Angeles.
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