Have you seen The Smiths or Morrissey in Dundee? We want to hear from you!


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We’re looking for a charming man (or woman) who can tell us their memories of one of the several visits to Dundee by The Smiths and their lead singer Morrissey.

The iconic 80s band played a number of times in the City of Discovery, including a legendary appearance at Dundee University in 1984.

And in 1991, Morrissey famously cut short his solo appearance at the Caird Hall – much to the disappointment of the audience. We’d like to know more about what happened that night.

If you were at either of these shows, or another by either act, we’d love to hear from you as part of a special project we’re working on.

Leave a comment, message us on Facebook or email [email protected].

We’re also on the search for anyone who saw Deacon Blue’s first gig at the Caird Hall in the late 80s, or had tickets to see the Sex Pistols at one of their ill-fated Dundee shows – or indeed their little-known gig at the tech college.

Get in touch if you can help.


its not me its you.
i was there in may 09,caird hall is a great venue,stage is very low its almost eyelevel,first gig I was ever at the front,dont even know how it happened just went to the side and wandered down.dundee is a great place with its statue of desperate dan,for anyone from abroad hes a well loved comic character.
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