HMV UK exclusive: "Vauxhall And I" blue vinyl album released today (August 15, 2020)

As part of HMV's vinyl week exclusives, Vauxhall And I was released on blue vinyl in the UK today.
There is not a single reference to 2020 anywhere on the vinyl/art and is copyright 2014.
It is the remaster from this date.
There is no matrix message and nothing of any difference particularly to the gold version.
1000 copies made.
The album art is exactly that of the previous release.
Only the HMV stickers denote anything different about the record (including an external barcode sticker).



(Carl Lindström AG/'Parlophon' was the company bought out by EMI to become Parlophone).

Colour comparison with California Son:

HMV had a reserve and collect later system in place to save queuing when I turned up at daft o'clock which was appreciated.
HMV have stated that anything from the event not sold out/bought today will be offered online after 6pm.
(The New York Dolls pink vinyl was worth buying too).

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Hovis Lesley

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Thanks Radis. It’s apparently now sold out; I missed out. And I can’t say I’m entirely sad. I can live with just the four copies I already own. A moment of consumer lunacy was averted.


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I had a copy in my virtual basket but when I tried to pay, the Web page froze although the bloody timer kept going. In a state a mild panic, i repeatedly tapped the PayPal button which probably made things worse..When the Web page eventually refreshed itself my basket was empty and obviously all the others had been sold by then..f***ing HMV!!

Oh well, looks like fleabay will be getting my money after all.

From the left

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That sucks. Didn’t know about the shipping to US part. Will look on eBay in two weeks when they’ll be cheaper hopefully.

I hope so.But cheaper,i don't know.The bids increase so fast.A copy was sold by 98£.A rich buyer or crazy one.I wish they make another 1000 copies.


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I went on to try and get the Sabbath album and managed to get a Vauxhall as well. I put them in my basket and tried to pay. 10 failed attempts and 20 minutes later my basket was empty! The HMV site doesn't seem to working very well !
BTW - I was going to pass the Moz LP on to a fellow fan without making a massive profit! I'd settle for a couple of beers on top . I will keep trying - you never know!!


rip roaring,free scoring,never boring, celtic.
"Limited to one per customer." :rofl:

The "money makers" are Morrissey and the record company. How many times can one artist recycle old material???
its retail,as someone who worked in retail for 11 years its about seperating the customer and their money.what do you think pays for the clothes M wears on stage,he has to live somewhere and he has to eat.


FYI, as of 11am in the UK they were back in stock. I’d signed up my email to be notified when back in stock before realizing they wouldn’t ship to the US. Just got the notice. Good luck to anyone interested and in the UK.


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I've registered to be notified when back in stock. I've not bought vinyl for years, and never via online. Do these come factory or shop sealed?

Famous when dead

I've registered to be notified when back in stock. I've not bought vinyl for years, and never via online. Do these come factory or shop sealed?
As far as I can ascertain, the records come factory sealed and HMV have added their own stickers & barcode (positioning of said and price have varied - 24.99 some stores, 25 in others).
Assuming these are unsold store items, I suspect you'll get the same as the one pictured.

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Morrissey has sold close to a thousand copies of this 26-year old album this weekend, which must be close to the number of copies of 'IANADOAC' he sold on the weekend of its release. Makes you think, dunnit?

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