Question How would you rate the Morrissey cover designs

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I recently made a tier list rating the cover of every Morrissey album, the remastered versions, some compilations and the live album Beethoven was deaf, What do you think? Give your opinions, you can rate them too with this link:

I like it! The original Kill Uncle is my fave album cover. The pose is legendary. 2nd fave is Your Arsenal. And I've always loved the Southpaw cover. I like all his covers. Long live Morrissey.


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Wow, looking at them all laid out like that makes you realize how bad most of them are. Kill Uncle is really the only iconic one. All the 12" sleeves are superior to the album covers, plus the Sunny single.


Kill Uncle is the best sleeve, but I’ve got a soft spot for Ringleader as well.

The worst: Low in High School, Southpaw Grammar and Beethoven Was Deaf. Another poor one is the World of Morrissey compilation.


'Low in High School' really must be one of the worst LP covers anywhere, by any artist. Even Moz taking a dump in the woods on the cover of 'Swords' is better.


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Faves: Your Arsenal (arguably the best of them), Years Of Refusal, Bona Drag, World Peace and Viva Hate

Worst: Swords, original LIHS, California Son, original Maladjusted, Doggo

The rest are at least alright or good.

Ranking Doggo up there with Arse is really funny to me.


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rip roaring,free scoring,never boring, celtic.
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Compared to the artistic beauty of the Smiths covers, most of these are depressing. Especially considering the great Morrissey portraits that are out there. I mean, if you're going to use a 15-year old photo, why not get a great one? Do you suppose cost was an issue?

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Further to yesterday’s comments re the last 3 album covers, I wondered what people out there thought were the best & worst of the artwork Morrissey has done over the years?

I’ve always thought his best stuff was single sleeves - personal favourites of mine are ‘Sunday’, ‘November’ ‘Ignore’ & ‘Sunny’. Least best has to be ‘Boy Racer’, or ‘Hold onto your friends’ but to be fair, a lot of his single artwork is good, not too many stinkers.

Albums wise, my all time favourite is ‘Years of refusal’, but ‘Quarry’ is up there & ‘Vauxhall’. Oh, & the re-issue of ‘Southpaw’.

Worst - where to begin??? Obviously the last 3 aren’t great, but neither were ‘Bona Drag’ or ‘Kill Uncle’, to be honest.

I want to dedicate this thread to everyone who likes my threads & posts, I know there are a few, & also everyone who doesn’t & thinks I post too much. Either way, I win.👍


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Alright, it’s been done. So what? Sorry I didn’t read every thread on here before I posted it.

Do you think next time Morrissey gets dropped by a label, there won’t be another hate filled thread about it?

At least I’m trying a bit of positive discussion on here.
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